Wednesday, May 18, 2005

two fridays off in a row.

yay! i have this friday, and next friday off. yippee! i am going out to em's house this weekend for a graduation party, and next weekend some oswego friends are coming to visit..

i called abt my car and the guy said it is coming together, but its doubtful that it will be ready for me to pick up on friday. :(. oh well. i should have it back next week at least. yay!!!

if you haven't done so already you should read LK's blog entry abt the letter from the old landlords. :)

tonight jon is coming over and we're all gonna watch episode 2. episode 2 is my favorite.. i asked him to cut his hair and not shave, so today after work he is getting a haircut, and he said he didn't shave... hee hee.. :) i love when people do what i say.