Saturday, May 28, 2005


hey there..

i just went to rockport with missy and alecia. we walked all over the palce there and went out on these rocks. it was pretty. the yankees are losing to the red so right now 14-0. hahahhaha. dan and hope are at that game, what a good game to see. esp after their loss last night.

i am pretty tired. maybe i'll take a nap before we go to fanuiel hall tonight. but i am getting pretty hungry. we went to a psychic in rockport. missy had her tarot cards read and alecia and i had our palms read.

its so beautiful here. like 70 degrees. shiiiiit.

ruh row, the yankees are picking it up. bernie williams just had an RBI, and johnson just got a hit.

alright, i'll write more as the weekend goes on..