Tuesday, May 24, 2005

coming together...

so the house is coming together. LK and i went to Home Depot tonight and bought out the dishwasher/faucet section, only to find that we didn't' need any of them, and the piece LK bought yesterday works just fine. but... now the dishwasher leaks all over the floor when we run it. not too bad, but enough. grrrrr.

but i got a shelf for the kitchen, and a spice rack for the cupboard and some groceries. i made my lunch already, so tomorrow i will just be able to shower and get dressed. whoo who.

jon is coming over tomorrow. good. its trash day on wed. he can help bring out the trash tomorrow after work. then i have a laundry list of things he can do/fix in my room. i might even have him put in my a/c.. hee hee.

i think wednesday i am going to have to scrub the bathroom tub. tomorrow or wednesday. it feels like sandpaper in there..

LK got strongly recommended to remove our companies name from her blog by someone we work with. hee hee.. i had 2 mentions of the company in here, but i removed those mentions tonight.