Monday, May 16, 2005

moved in!

yesterday LK and i and Katie made a final trip to brackett st to get all the odds and ends that were left. 2 carloads later, we are all moved in. and the house is coming together nicely. i am really loving the kitchen in the new place. its very cute. its got fake exposed brick behind the sink and the stove. we were able to use a corner shelf of luannes as a china cabinet/bar shelf. so exciting! i can't wait to bring all our garbage out to the curb tonight! i need a stud finder to find the dang studs in my walls so i can hang my tall skinny bookshelf on the wall. i might need to just buy one. :( if you know anyone that has one that i can borrow in the next day or so, please speak up...

it's been pretty cold lately.. i had to shut my window in the middle of the night last night cause my feet wouldn't get warm.

we are going to have to sew the velcro we got to the cushions on the couch to keep them from slipping off. that will be fun too!

when jon came over friday night to help me unpack and set up some stuff i asked him if he had ever used a screw gun. of course he hadn't. how can someone (a boy no less) be so not-handy? i feel like "tim the tool guy" in comparison to jon.. it's bizarre, and kind of a turn off. i had him put together luannes bed frame while i put away some books on my bookshelf, it took him about an hour. maybe more. it involved 7 bolts that needed to be fastened with nuts. 1+ hours! good god...

one really nice thing about the apt is when i come home and there is a parking spot right in front of the house i get soooo excited! and i can leave and go to the store, or brighton or something and come back, and it's still there... sooo nice!

i found all these dishes/pots and pans that i haven't used since middlesex ave, its so exciting to see them again, i had forgotten that i even had them!

oh that ian on survivor! what an Idiot! but he did win that corvette, even though corvettes are cheesy. :)