Monday, May 30, 2005

comcast account.

i have failed to mention the best thing...

i asked is any o my former roommates would take over the cable bill. matt stepped up and said he would. so i contacted the cable company and the guy on the phone said he would send me the paper to fill out to send in. both matt and i needed to fill it out... this was a thursday, i figured that since comcast is a local company that i would get the paper by saturday, the last day i had planned to go to brackett st. well, it didn't come, the next week i emailed matt to see if it came, it didn't. he gave me attitude saying that i would be the first to know if it came. so 12 days later i call the cable company and they say, "well some times it takes some time to get there." right.... so they email me one.

i contact matt to see when he'll be around. i want to get this over with, the bill is 125 a month. and the future of matt and chris's tenancy is unsure... i am nervous about this trade.. plus since we've waited so long, i am sure the next bill is going to come to me and i will have to hunt the old roommates down for the money.

its wednesday, i ask matt if he will be around that night because i am stopping by after work.. he has band practice.. so i offer to stop by friday on my day off at 845 am so that he can fill it out and i'll drop it off. this was his response:

"I'm not going to be there Friday morning. I have a job you know. I can fax it from here too so no worries. "

he has never once in the 10 months i lived with him left for work before 9. he's usually not even done smoking his first cigarette before then.

so i agree to drop the form off if he'll fax me a copy of it so that worst case i can fax it to comcast myself.

so thursday morning comes, i email him the fax numbers at 1015.

1pm, no response, so i write him,

"hey matt, have you faxed this yet? rebecca"

315pm, no response. another email from me..

"matt, what is going on with this? rebecca"

540, he responds:

"I faxed it. Now for the love of god will you please fuck off?"

6pm, i have to call. i'm so pissed.

- hi matt, this is rebecca, i just checked our fax machine and i didn't see the fax...

- that's because i didn't fax it.

- why not?

- i'm not going to fax it to you, i took care of it.

- uhm, matt, i really want a copy of the paper to ensure that you did this, the bill is in my name --

- not anymore it's not...

- matt, why is it so hard for you to fax me that paper?

- you want me to fax it to you? fine, i'll do it right now, is you fax number? xxx-xxx-xxxx? fine i'm doing it right now.

- okay thank you, bye.

so at 630 i still have not received the fax. 4th email..

"matt, as far as i'm concerned, if i don't receive the fax from you today i'm going to assume it hasn't been done and i will have the cable shut off and i will return the boxes and cable modem and as they are my responsibility. - rebecca"

his response...

"I figured youÂ’d try to pull a dumbass move like that. But itÂ’s too bad. You canÂ’t have it shut off because IÂ’ve already called to confirm and there is a note on the account to NOT shut off the cable if you DO call. If you go to the apartment to take the boxes and modem, I will file a theft report with the police. Your name is NOT on the account. The paperwork has been filed. You do NOT live there anymore. Got it? "

so friday morning on my way to the airport to pick up the girls i call comcast. i'm the name on the account, if the fax was received, it would be changed they tell me.

over breakfast i re-tell the story to alecia and missy. they say, you need to get those boxes, we'll go with you.

so i call LK again to make sure matt didn't fax the paper. he didn't. i call comcast again to make sure that i am within my rights and that the account hasn't been changed. i am still the only name on the account, and the woman tells me that it could take up to two billing cycles before the name change actually takes place.

so the three of us go over to brackett st. we can't locate the 2nd box. i turn in what i have and the women tells me that if i don't turn in the box by june 1st i will owe them $175. time to call chris.. i get his number from carly and he tells me he has the box. i arrange to meet him in somerville. when i get the box from him he tells me that matt had told him that he was "fucking with me", and mentioned to chris that i might be by to take the boxes and not to let me.

i'll let you know if i hear from matt on tuesday. he can't contact me over the weekend because he doesn't have internet. :)