Friday, May 06, 2005

big news!!!

i haven't written in a while... so the biggest news is that keeping or options open, luAnne and i looked at a couple 2 bedrooms in somerville and medford, both with rent 500 a month each or less.. the one in somerville was nice. 2 large bedrooms, spotlessly clean, big kitchen, decent sized living room. the landlord seemed really nice, the former tenants raved about the place, its on the 1st floor, front and back door and easier street parking. well, we were instantly taken by the place, its location, and the price. we filled out the landlords application and he said he'd get back to us in a day or two. he got back to us yesterday. we got it! we are signing the lease (june-june) tonight and giving him our last months rent as a deposit. sooo exciting! we are actually going to ask if we can move in earlier since the place is empty right now. it'll be easier to get a moving company not on the first too.

i can't wait to start packing!

yesterday was cinco de mayo. about 10 of us from work and friends decided to meet at a mexican restaurant in woburn after work. the line to talk to the hostess was insane. we decided to do tgi fridays instead. then a bunch of us went to jim's house. jims house is amazing. he's an artist, so you can just imagine the creativity that is behind all the furnishings. and they have a beiruit table in one of the rooms in the attic. jim and i lost to blair and katie.. :( katie and i didn't leave until 1am... then i had to drive home, and finding a parking spot took longer than it did to drive home. i ended up giving up and parking in the bus stop. but htat means i had to get up and move my car by 8am, or else get a $50 parking ticket. today is going to be a redbull kind of morning i think.

i didn't watch survivor, but i taped it, so dont' tell me who won...