Wednesday, May 04, 2005

bus stations are cleaner THAN this apt...

so i went to jon's house last night. he was cute. he had "already prepared the burgers". i asked him to make burgers with blue cheese inside them, he made some with blue cheese, and some with goat cheese. we had bag salad, and he had pudding cups. i brought wine, which i had to take back to the liquor store upon opening because the cork was wet, and the wine smelled and tasted like vinegar.

it took him about 10 minutes to find salt and pepper in the cupboard area...

while i was getting the tour of the house i saw that the toilet seat was up. ewww. then later on after i looked in the refrigerator and saw what looked like crumbly blue cheese but realized it was prob rice at one point, and saw that it prob has never been cleaned, EVER, i had to go to the bathroom.

you'd think they would keep the toilet seat DOWN to hide the CREATURES that are growing on the toilet rim. i'm not talking stains, these things were like little statues made out of poop or something. i really had to pee, otherwise, i think i might have tried to hold it. then, i went to wash my hands. the sink is COVERED in toothpaste. you'd think the water didn't work or the sink and knobs, and mirror were actually MADE of toohtpaste. pretty freaking gross.

i told him that i would rather pee on the front lawn in the future then use that bathroom again.. :) and i also asked him if he loses his appetite when he looks in the fridge..

i did look at some of his pictures from europe and washington dc, and the anime convention.

if we watch amazing race together next week, we're watching it at my house.