Saturday, December 30, 2006

i saw the holiday, and i love cash cab.

my roommates and i went and saw "the holiday" tonight. i am generally not a fan of jude law, but i liked him in this movie. he wasn't as slimey as he usually is. (read: blonde). he he.. i just don't like him blonde. emily said that it was slow, but i didn't think so. i really liked, it was touching. mike cried the whole movie. :)

i am almost done with the book lee let me borrow. i'll have a full review when i am done. i anticipate finishing it up tonight.

to my surprise i had a package when i got home last night, it was a lovely book called "the book of bunny suicides" from my friend KT in england. how did she know i love that kind of shit? well, maybe everybody knows... and that's why somebody used to call me "rebecca autopsy" at my job a few jobs ago..

has anyone see the tv show "cash cab" on discovery channel? if you have not seen it, i highly recommend you dvr it and watch it. if you haven't heard about it, its a trivia gameshow that takes place in a NYC cab. think millionaire meets candid camera, in a cab. the host is this comedian, some of the people are so stupid, but some of the people are insanely smart. plus it usually 2-3 people collaboratively answering the questions. its really good.. i HIGHLY recommend it..

Thursday, December 28, 2006

my 500th post!!!

I should celebrate!!

hope sent me this site where you can make yourself an elf and even record a message that the elf will say. its pretty awesome..

check mine out..

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

this year has been a great year, check out my photo album..

i've had the most fun looking back at the year through my pictures and remembering all the great times i've had. i put together this photo album so that you all can remember and enjoy the last year with me. basically, if i saw you or hung out with you at all last year you are in this album.

on other random notes, danny bonaduce is joining the adam carolla show after the first of the year. i'm not really sure how that is going to be, but i kind of like danny bonaduce, and i love adam carolla, so we'll see. god knows i've watched all the breaking bonaduces. i can't get enough of VH1.

i am pretty angry that i can't go see "the children of men". i have been waiting almost a year for that movie. grrrrrr.. i hope it comes out this weekend.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

christmas eve

i'm here in portville and emily just called me and ryan a-holes for buying too much egg nog, i asked her very nicely not to call me an a-hole on xmas eve and she barked back that she was going to take a dump on my pillow! merry christmas brown style...

all kidding aside (i'm actually not really even kidding that conversation really did happen). this trip has been jam packed. we've been busy making cheese balls, watching national lampoons christmas vacation, breaking up dog arguments, washing off my boots cause lucy decided my boots made a good toilet. we went light looking in portville. i've been reading "a long way down", we ate a turkey dinner (minus the stuffing), we've had some bloody marys and beers. we went to the casino in salamenca, i lost $50. :( i kinda wish xmas would just get here already, i have a feeling tomorrow will be pretty rushed.

i've been invited to the eD xmas party in january. i think it would super convenient if LK celebrated her bday that same weekend. :) i have had to dip into my saving almost 100% this xmas so from now until london i need to go into savings mode and cut down on my trips to boston.

i am kind of loving emily's new car. its the '07 rav-4. very roomy and powerful for a 4 cylinder. i've been thinking a lot lately about trading my car in for a more weather resistant one.

we're gearing up to play poker here, so i am going to need to move out of my new "office".

merry christmas everyone!

Friday, December 22, 2006

my last travel weekend!!

apres work, we trudge out to olean/portville and join the ladies in their ryan's birthday celebrating efforts.

last night i finished up all my wrapping and watched cath santa do hers.

today at work has been some gift exchanging! i got a couple of movie tix, some lotion and some birdseed. we are having a "bon voyage" party in about a half an hour here for brother bilo.. buffalo chicken pizza. yum.....

finally last night i slept through the night. it was a first this week. woo who.

i am going to put one of my new movie tickets to good use next weekend when i go see "children of men" rrrrrrrrrr. clive owen!!

now that the holidays are almost over i can start to obsess about my trip to england! getting so excited!!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

it's crazy what you can accomplish with a night away from the computer

great strides were made last night in my mounting tasks... i purposely left my laptop in my bed, so i could get done something last night. and boy did i ever! i made one project, and was able to start AND finish the painting... wooo who!! i have a couple of spots to touch up, but its essentially done..

today we are going to a goodbye lunch for my coworker.

the bulk of what i have left to do is wrapping. i'm so excited!! such a relief that the painting is done!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

why do granola bars make your jaw sore?

maybe its the peanuts in the granola bar, but omg, my jaw is out of commission.

i am starting to stress out about not having time to do anything. it was very poor planning on my part for booking away all my december weekends. i feel like i haven't had a day off in months. i might need to do my painting in portville on saturday or sunday. i have shopping still to do, and all my wrapping. :(

adding to the stress is the constant heartburn i am experiencing.. yesterday i had it from 10am straight through till 4am, which is compromising my sleep... and then yesterday cath tells me that there are going to be some 21 people at christmas.. wtf? i think i am going to drive myself and leave early. this is all too much for me. i'm cracking.

Monday, December 18, 2006

home again finnigan

we're back.. it was a much shorter drive back then there.

for now i am just going to post my pictures. i wrote a lot about the weekend in there, and i will write a highlights post tomorrow... i'm too tired from commenting on all those pics.

pics here.

Friday, December 15, 2006

another weekend another city...

i am about to take off for NYC, my roommate mike has decided to stay behind. tsk tsk.. cath and i will surely have fun! i'll take lots of pics, and remember all the stories.

have a great weekend everybody!

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

partly done.

i got done part of what i was supposed to. i started the painting, just the layout. i am so mad, i went to grab a blank canvas from my stock and there is a huge tear in it. i had to use a much smaller canvas. :(

i downloaded the fray album for 1.98. wooo who! now i'll have something to put on my mp3 player when i get it for xmas..

i spoke to my cousin and my friend it sounds like things are coming together for meeting up in the early evening for dinner in tribecca saturday..

i also booked a flight to england for my internet challenged friend MK. we're going over for my bday. i am sooo excited i could pee.

here is the video i shot last weekend of HEK singing rob bases It takes 2.

ps.. i am 8 posts away from my 500th post to the RB News.

Monday, December 11, 2006

back to reality

oh, there goes rabbit, he....

anyway... my stint in boston was actually 25 hours instead of 24. but i managed to do most of what i set out to do..

i left my home at 8am saturday to meet with MK for breakfast in schenectady. we went to a classy little diner near missy's house. and by classy i mean the kind where you walk from your car and pass by a SEA of vomit... i'm just glad it wasn't mine. i almost added to it though as studied it trying to figure out what it was. i vowed to photograph it on our way out, but the waitstaff had hosed it down by the time we left. :(

MK is looking into coming with me to london. :) cross your fingers.

then i went on my way to waltham. i forgot to call lk ahead of time, but figured she'd be back from the grocery store she was going to at noon. i guess 3 hours wasn't enough time, so i happily sucked internet off a neighbor and caught up on some of my internet browsing till she returned.

we chit chatted and then went to the party. i love the improvements rich and angela have made to their house. its really quite awesome, and to think that they have done the entirety of it by themselves... what an accomplishment.

sunday was another jam packed day.. bright and early we headed out to a fancy brunch. it was more eclectic than it was fancy. see my photos of the place in the photo album. after a lazy brunch we made our way over to the ICA. the line was BLOCKS long and after standing in line to get the free tickets, there was a waiting corral. but the ambiance was very conducive to taking some artsy photos.. which are also in the album.

because we forwent the ICA, i was able to leave town about 430.. but because i am retarded and was a few miles from dedham before i realized i was going the wrong way i really didn't start getting out of town till more like 5, i missed amazing race. thank god for DVR...

so. this week seems like its going to be just as jam packed as the last one. possibly a free movie tonight, beer club tomorrow, drawing wednesday, and friday i am hoping to leave work early so we can get to nyc at a decent time. plus somewhere in there i need to get my xmas shopping started, and an xmas painting started. ugh. not enough hours in the day!

Friday, December 08, 2006


i decided to make my trip to boston a 24 hour event.. i need another recovery day from the xmas party so i am driving out tomorrow morning..

as for my sad news, my coworker has decided to leave our company and go to a new company. seeing as i sit so close to him, i hope his replacement is as worthy..

here are the rest of my pics from the work party in case you want to see some of my new coworkers...

my roommates got new phones. they are copy-cats and got the same ones as me.

we are getting feedback on our new site... its kind of exciting...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

such a slacker...

i've been a blog slacker lately.. everyone else's blog laziness must be rubbing off on me..

i was so hungover at work today i threw up in the bathroom. that was a first. i have never thrown up at work (i don't think)... it was about 2pm before i felt better.

this weekend i am going to boston for a housewarming party and some friend visits. i'm really looking forward to it.

it snowed here and my car slipped all over the road. i really should look into getting an element before i get in a car accident and my car is worth nothing.

i am beyond tired, i should go to bed and watch survivor from my bed.

i am afraid that i am going to have some sad news to report tomorrow. but i'll wait till i know for sure.

here are a couple of pics from last night.

wfischer throwing the fisticuffs

i'm drunk, and someones wearing a yellow tie.

happy birthday to me...

*** note...i started this last night when i was drunk. ****

so... always thinking of myself and my date of birth, i booked my flight to england this morning. i am going on the 17th and coming back on the 26th. i hope we can meet up with RS at some point.

moving on to real tactical things... i had my "annual" exam today. i have not needed a urine exam in YEARS... apparently today was the day. i peed before i met the nurse, so i had to wait and pee after the exam.. i didn't really have to pee, so i tried real hard...and then i dropped the cup into the toilet. :( i was worried the nurse would be so mad, but she really didn't care..

tonight was my xmas party. bfischer gave me a ride home despite his living right next to where we were. i have hella pictures, i'll upload them...

***this was about the time i passed out i think, cause this is all i had ***

Monday, December 04, 2006

god damn black ice...

after working late today i headed over to the store i should have my paycheck forwarded to, kohls. i should mention that i had to scrape the ice and snow off my car... so i jump out of the car, head towards the store and i get to the end up the car by the trunk and fall on my face. i had to lay down on the ground to make sure i was okay. my knee is all scraped up, and my right palm is going to have a killer bruise. :(

tonight there were 6 deer in the backyard. it looked like 2 adult females and 4 babies. i am kind of shocked at how much their tails were like dogs tails. they are long and they wag them like dogs. so strange...

i can't find red tights anywhere... god damn it!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

beer party is on tap...

mrs fischer and i are going to a 12 beers of xmas party that someone from the beer club is putting on. i'm sure it will be a good time. last night i went to the fischers house to sample the fat angel they have on tap on their new keg-a-rator. it was niiiice... we then played some yahtzee. good times were had by all.

cath and i went shopping again today to use our free kohls dollars. i got a new shirt for our xmas party coming up this week, some new bras and a couple stocking stuffers..

this next coming week is the beginning of a very busy month for me. next week i have my holiday party, then next weekend i have a party to attend in boston. the following week is the final beer club meeting of the year, then my roommates and i are going to NYC, then christmas is upon us. i have a feeling this month is going to fly by..