Monday, February 27, 2006

more capote...

so i've still been thinking about capote.. and i realized that the only time i've ever heard his name was in some red hot chili pepper lyrics..

Being that I'm the duke of my domain
My hat goes off to Mark Twain
Singing a song about what true men don't do
Killing another creature that's kind of blue
Writing about the world of the wild coyote
Goodman Truman Capote
Talking about my thoughts 'cause they must grow
Cock my brain to shoot my load
I'm on my porch 'cause I lost my house key
Pick up my book I read Bukowski
Can I get another kiss from you
Kiss me right here on my tattoo

has anyone ever read his book "in cold blood" or heard of him for anything else? i think i am going to pick up that book. i LOVE true crime! :)

update on the rustbucket taking up spaces in front of my house... i memorized the license plate number and decided to call the police to see if anything can be done about it. well. he took the address and the plate number down and told me he would put it on the 'list', whatever that is.. i am crossing my fingers that it at least has a ticket when i get home.

in reality tv news
i have been watching sunday nights on vh1. last night was the finale of celebrity fit club. i can't believe how much different kelly lebrock looks. i kind of feel like if i lost 30 lbs you probably wouldn't even notice.. but on her, totally noticeable..

last night was also a great episode of flavor of love.. it was the episode where flav met the girls parents. 1st was pumpkin, her mom told flav that she has been on many reality shows before. she had been on a total of like 6 shows. game shows and a dating show. she got kicked off for not being upfront with flav about the dating show. then when she was walking off, NY started with her. they got into a screaming match, and pumpkin spit in NY's face. it was outstanding!!

NY's parents were the best though. they are from syracuse, and when the mom told flav, he was like, ONONDAGA COUNTY IN THE HOUSE!.. how bizarre. but her mom was such a bitch.. fantastic television!!

i found someone that will let me watch sopranos at his house on sunday nights. i am so excited! march 12th is the premiere.. also, my tivo friend here at work is going to tape survivor for me. she tivo'd it from last week. she is the best! i didn't even think to ask her, she volunteered it! so happy.

i started a painting last night. i'll post pics when i am done..

Sunday, February 26, 2006


i saw capote today with katie and bryan. i liked the movie despite no soundtrack. oddly, we ran into micah at peets coffee. he was there with his wife. that is the 2nd time now i have run into him randomly..

anyway, we went to tip top for some pad thai afterwards. i think KT and bryan are really cute together. i'm glad KT is going for it and making the move to see if it will work out. i am rooting for them all the way!

i think i am going to start a painting tonight.

here are em's pics from vegas...

Saturday, February 25, 2006

more pics...

here are more pictures from vegas compliments of jessica...

i forgot to write about when my mom used the lotion the hotel provided on her hair thinking it was conditioner. :) she needs to wear her contact!!

i just rewatched trainspotting. god i love that movie! i had forgotten that "renton" moves to london.. there was a montage of all sorts of london spots and i recognized a bunch. also, i checked my netflix and ballykissangel season 4 is out on DVD. sweeeeet. this is the season with colin farrell. :)

i went grocery shopping yesterday and did my laundry today. now if it wasn't so cold here in my apt i might be motivated to do something..

i kind of feel like calling the police about the car that has been sitting in front of our house for about 2 months now. its the guy upstairs truck, and it has plates, but a failed inspecction. and he has another equally as big and gross truck to replace that one. now he's taken to filling up the cab with junk. its as long as a city block, and taking up a totally useable parking spot right in front of the house. it makes me angry everytime i come home..


vegas was fun, more expensive then i remember though. :) i was not lucky this time. i lost at everything i played. craps, blackjack, roulette, texas hold em, stupid slot machines.. you name it, i lost.

there were lots of is what i remember

1. ryan and i went on one of the rides at the top of the stratosphere.

this ride hangs over the side of the stratosphere 800 feet above the strip.

you get in, pull the bar up onto your lap and then the seatbelt clicks into place. well, of course, the seatbelt wouldn't fit. :) so it took 2 grown men jamming the bar into my lap far enough so that the seatbelt would click. so humiliating.. :)

2. emily bought me a button that said the big 3-0. and then it said old old old old old... and they wore stickers that said, "old farts friend".. so nice..

3. you can't think that if there were irish boys in vegas LK and i wouldn't find them... LK has video of them even. good times, good times! i found out that hope *hates* irish guys. she was disgusted while LK and i were having a great time. ces't la vie.

4. tuesday night we went to margaritaville for my bday. for 9 of us to sit down it would have taken 1.5 hours, so we pulled together some tables on roof.. the waiter warned us that it would be too cold, we were like, pshaw!! we'll be fine.. well. we were freezing out asses off. it was the fastest dinner on record. em and ryan found it necessary to buy 5 drinks at a time.

because it was my bday i got an ice cream sundae for free, which em and cath scarfed down..

5. we saw O wednesday night. it was absolutely breathtaking. indescribable.. if you are going to vegas, spend the money and go see this show. my favorite were the red coat guys.. this was their leader. they only had on black speedos and garter belts under those coats.

6. the flight back was more entertaining then the flight out.. first, LK got stopped in the airport security because she had a lighter, and i guess hope told the security people it was because "she is going to burn the plane down". its a wonder LK didn't get arrested. i couldn't believe it when i heard that story. but the flight attendant was so funny this time. he got the whole plane to clap and cheer when the last people got on the plane. the woman was SOOOOO pissed. it was great! then during the flight he made everyone sit down and he took a roll of TP and put one end in the toilet in the back of the plane, and rolled the rest all the way to the front of the plane, then he had someone in the back flush the toilet. the TP flew down the aisle.. very funny.

here are all the pics.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

we're in vegas

hi! we're in vegas..

i'm at the interntet cafe though, cause its too expensive/complicated to internet from my room. :)

i am collecting all the "girl" cards i can get though. hee hee!!

so far i have lost $100 on craps, and a little bit more on slot machines. but... tonight i am planning on winning it all back! :)

alright, i have 2 people looking over my shoulder as i write this, so i gotta go!

hope you're not missing me too much!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

birthday at beerworks

i had a birthday party at beerworks saturday. it was a lot of fun. afterwards we went to fanuiel hall and met up with some other coworkers/friends at paddy o's.. it was a fantastic time if i've ever had one!!

lots of pics!!

i was slightly hung over, but no throwing up! i was also able to "rest" it off before i went to vegas.

here are all the pics..

Friday, February 17, 2006

vegas bound!!

i'm bound for vegas this monday!! but not before my boston-area birthday party. i've managed to round up 25 people that want to celebrate with me at beerworks on saturday night. we are going to have our own private room, 3 appetizers, a couple of pool tables and an open bar tab. woooo who!!

i've decided not to drive.. :)

i'm sure that i will take lots of pictures!! in the meantime, here is a little picture that spells TROUBLE..

i'll be sure to update from sin city.

keep on keepin' on!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

the refrigerator....

so if you are keeping up with my posts you'll recall one from this weekend about how some items in my freezer were feeling 'less then frozen'... well. i put in a call to bob the landlord on monday. i outlined the problem, and the following are our conversations as best i ca remember them..

rb - bob, we have a prob with our fridge....etc

bob - hmm.. that refrigerator was left in the apt form two or so tenants ago.. i wonder if there is a warranty... well. i'm not going to bother to track that down.. it sounds like the thermostat is going bad.. do you know any refrigerator repair people?

rb - uhm, no......

bob - hmmm. well, i don't have a phonebook for somerville...

rb - hee hee, neither do we, we throw them away, i am sure there are some people listed on the internet..

bob - do you have a computer? my kid does, but i don't know how to use it.

rb - yes...

bob - would you mind looking up a repairman? i'll call them..

rb - sure..

a day or so goes by and i don't have time and i forget to look up a repairman.. bob calls on tuesday.

bob (via message) - i am going to call someone around here and see if he will work in somerville. i will let you know what happens. i am going away on vacation this weekend for 4 days, so i want to take care of this before then.

now its wednesday (today). i'm at work and its 1045am.

bob - hi, are you at home?

rb - no... i'm at work.

bob - well, i found someone to look at the fridge. he can meet me at the house at 1130. is that okay.

rb - sure!

about 1135 he calls back from inside the apt with the repairman..

bob - hi.. is it always this cold in your apt?

rb - yes...

bob - the repairman wants to talk to you...

repairman - hi, i just did a reading on your kitchen and its 47 degrees in here, is this the temperature that it was when you were having this problem...

rb - yes, probably.

repairman - well. i've checked out your fridge and it seems fine, but they can sense what the temperature is in the room they are in and they will adjust their cooling accordingly. so if it is too cold in the room, it will chill less. we run into this problem all the time with people that keep refrigerators in their garages and other unheated places.

rb - hmmm. so what temp should we keep the kitchen so that the fridge will work right?

repairman - i'd say about 60...

rb - okay, we'll try that...

bob - yeah, its cold in here...don't you leave the heat on even low while you are away or at night?

rb - i know. we don' t turn the heat on when we are not there, we just can't afford it. our heating bills have been outrageous this winter, around 300 a month.

so i hang up with bob. he calls at about 5pm, i ignore it. he calls again after 6 and leaves a message...

bob - uhm, i wanted to tell you that your pipes are going to freeze if you don't warm up your apt. and then everything will flood. in the kitchen in the ceiling there are copper pipes that run all through the apt and they will burst if they freeze. and under the sink. you need to leave the doors open under there so some heat can get in or you are going to be flooded out. call me back so we can talk about this.

uhm, no... we are not calling back. if he wants to pay our electricity or gas bill maybe we'll consider it. that house is so poorly insulated (if at all) that we might as well open the doors up to the outside when we turn on the heat. shiiiiiiit. i know he'll cal back. so i'll keep you posted. grrrrrr.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

my latest run in with strangers on the internet...

in an effort to thwart self pity on this joyous holiday, i put an ad on CL looking for someone else in my same situation to spend tonight with... i have had a flurry of responses... this guy takes the cake though..

reply #1...

"hello I am a fun person with a spice for life and a heart of gold I want to be happy is that much to ask for I am a simple man with a simple plan! I seek a lover and a friend! my soul mate. my partner in crime. my buttercup, my flower, my dreams come true! you! for I am fun romantic wild and I seek love romance and a soul mate are you the one to sweep my heart away? poem for you Today tomorrow or when ever . I want to say I love you I want to say I care I want to hold you close and think of you when you are not there, I want to dream about you, I want to call your name, I want to make you happy, I want to pick your brain, I want to see you smile want to see you laugh I want to hear your foot steps, I want to kiss your lips, if you exist then speak to me softly give me a little giggle and brush me with a kiss, hold me tight on this night I wrote this just for you! so lets not waste any more time lets meet until we fall, in love in fate in memories of you, I write to you on this night I hope you write me to! I wish to see your photograph I wish to talk to you. till then till now I hope we connect soon,
that was for you from my heart I have not wrote a poem in so so long I should have wrote you a love song....till then please send me your pick and sorry about my spelling."

i have blacked out his eyes to protect the innocent... :) okay, first thing, i posted a picture in my ad. so clearly this was cut and pasted from a note to someone else. his spelling is atrocious. and i hate poems.. but he does LOVE me......

reply #2...

"did you like my poam ? I liked your add I am 6'2 tall I am 38 I think you are so cute! do you have anymore photos?"
38? too old... and no, i don't like your "poam".

my first reply...

"uhm, i think poems are kind of personal things, like art work.. and i kind of think that the email you sent was copied and pasted from a mail to someone else.. you asked for my pic a couple times, and i posted it in the ad.....???

i feel that it is disingenuine... "
that will teach him to copy and paste crappy poems meant for someone else..

his reply #3...

"I am a nice guy that poem is from my heart I would like to talk to you and get to know you better that’s no crime! you spark my interests and you made me smile when I saw your add I did white the poem but it comes from me to you can I have a chance please. lets just try what do we have to loose?"

i don't understand his urgency and immediacy.. is he in a contest or something?

his reply #4...

"here is one for you please give me a chance ?I want you! to want me! your photo went strait to my heart and right to my brain! you entrge me! you made me smile! your lips look soft lets talk for a wile! your eyes are like star light you hair so sweet I bet you are romantic from your head to your feet! fly away with me to a lovers land, come come hold my hand, we can walk on clouds! we can run trough the sand, we can just sit by a nice blowing fan, the moon is out can you see it is up high in the pretty god made sky? you and me we could go climb a tree, we can eat fruit or just play a flute, sing love songs whisper in each others ear, spend a moment in time or remove all your tears! why be lonely why be sad, lets be happy for all the time we could have! lets just meet and just say hello, can we just try who will ever know? we might like each other from the very start. we might just touch each others, hearts. till then till now, till twilight, till sunset till dawn, till you and till me, till forever we may be.
now he's quoting song lyrics. something tells me english is not his first language. probably not even his second.. and wtf does "entrge" mean???

his reply #5...


now he's using all caps!! and i'm sure he's a nice GUT, but just not for me. and he loses more points for including a pic of a dog. i hate dogs too. :)

i hope he write me again....

Sunday, February 12, 2006

lost, lost and more lost

so i am snowbound! wooot!

the snow is probably 5-6 inches, but its been all blown around, so there are all kinds of snowdrifts.

i watched all my netflixed lost episodes. and i am 4 episodes short of the end of the 1st season. so i had to brave the snow and go get the last disk of the season at the video store..

god i wish i could figure out how to download season 2 from the internet. shiiiiiit.

i have so many favorite characters.. but i'm sure it comes as no surprise that sayid is my all time favorite.. him and hurley. i'm still not sure how i feel about john locke.. but i was looking on IMDB last night and accidently saw who dies.. :( their characters have an end date next to them...

i have yet to do my taxes.

i have great news to report with the heating issues the house has... i figured that the best and most cost efficient way to stay warm here is gather in the living room, block off the doors to the living room with sheets like we used to use to keep the air conditioning in, it would keep in the heat. well, eureka it does!

our refrigerator seems to be on its way out. yesterday when i was putting away my groceries i saw that a roll that i keep in the freezer was soft, and that is impossible, that roll has been in the freezer for months now.

one more episode of lost to go. last episode was so sad when sawyer told jack how he met jack's dad.

one thing about lost that makes me creeped out is when they open the episodes with an eye. which is about every other episode.. eyes creep me out!

thursday of last week was a party after work at the j-tree. fun times!!

i forget what was so funny, but now i wish i remembered it.

Friday, February 10, 2006

vegas, 10 days from now.

i am finally getting excited.. i talked to breeD the other night and i am highly suggesting that everyone watch "this boys life" as a refresher. LK and HEK, we can watch it the night before we go (my actual b-day) if you want. i can guarantee there will be countless references to it throughout our time there...

i am laughing to myself as i type this.. thinking about all the timeless lines from that movie!

i am thinking that the most inclusive night for dinner would be tuesday. bree and jessica don't arrive until 1130pm on monday.. how does that sound to everyone?

also.. browns/hunts, if you oculd set aside about 1 hour or so sometime to help me make a decision and go over the pros and cons of a move to the UK i would be grateful...

on a non-vegas note... tom green is in italy covering the olympics for jay leno.. look at what he wrote on his blog.

Its nice to be in Europe. I dont get over to Europe that much. It was fun driving through the Italian countryside. If I were to describe it to you, I would have to say it feels kind of like Syracuse. Or perhaps a bit more like the outskirts of Albany.

see, italy/upstate new york... no different!

oooo, the biggest news!! i was contacted by an old friend via myspace.. check my "friends" to see who it is....

i've been watching "Lost season 1".. and its getting goddamned scary!!!!! addicting and scary. i will have 2.5 disks to watch this weekend, so i will almost finish the series by monday. if anyone wants to locate, download and burn to dvd this seasons episodes, that would make a fabulous birthday present!

tonight i am going to a wine tasting event at the new BU building.. last time i went to one it was a lot of fun and i learned so much, so we'll see what i can learn this time!!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

outrage is the feeling of the day!

so i tried the absinthe.. its like licorice in a glass. ick.. not my favorite taste. i think the only taste/smell combination that could be worse would be seafood.. yum, liquid seafood. i'm puking in my mouth just thinking about it..

but i think i will be able to find it in myself to try it again, i want those hallucinations man!!

i am outraged at my taxes and considering going to h&r block again. i can't understand how little my tax software says i should be getting back, its insane. i have been claiming 0 all year and anticipating a healthy return at the end of the year since i have been paying taxes for 12 months. you can imagine my surprise when i see that my return says 4 something federal, and 1 something state. 500 dollars? are you kidding me???? i am beyond pissed!

i have uploaded the rest of my pics from london.

oh, adding to my outrage is our electric bill. if you have been paying attention, our gas bill ran us about $130 each last month, so we decided, "f it, we are not even warm!! lets turn off that piece of crap and use our baseboard heaters." so this month, after not being even the slightest bit warm again, our electric bill is $150 each.. wtf!! these ridiculous amounts of money would be somewhat understandable if we were WARM. but there have been may occasions where we sit in our living room with our winter clothes on.

i have sent the confirmation in for my bday get together at beerworks. should be fantastic!!! i am looking forward to it.. hoping everyone that said they were coming actually comes. it'll be a healthy turnout i think!

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


i totally almost forgot, i bought some absinthe from the flight attendant on the plane! mostly becuase its illegal and i like to break the law.

this is what i just read about it...

What does absinthe do to you?
Drinkers of absinthe experience a double action intoxication. This intoxication combines the separate effects of strong alcohol and thujone. The alcohol produces a sedative effect in absinthe drinkers while the thujone is reported to cause hallucinations (both visual and auditory) as well as excitation.

Absinthe can have an effect that has been described as a "clarity" or "heightened state of mind".
Chemist and absinthe expert, T.A. Breaux describes it as a push-me, pull-you effect of the various herbs, some have a heightening effect while others have a lowering effect.

i'm going to try it tonight, i'll report back.. :) hee hee!!

i made it back - alive!

i am back.. and the flight on the way back was smooth as pumpkin pie. i really made good use of my in air time and watched 2.5 movies. crash (while i thought it was a good movie, it left some questions in my mind.. be ready to defend it in 2 weeks emily...) pride and prejudice.. (this movie was great. not only was it set in england, but the story was a classic. i read "reading lolita in tehran" last year and they made soooo much reference to this book that i almost feel like re-reading that torturous book, but i'm not that much of a sadist.) and then i saw half od shopgirl, and i am so disappointed that netflix lists its release date as unknown... i might have to hunt it down at one of the smaller older run theaters... it was just getting good..

i was going to make a separate entry about days 7-8 but i guess i will just some it up here..

saturday and sunday were relatively lonely days. i did some of the sightseeing things, and lot of shopping (ouch) but on the whole, i was home by 5-7pm and watching tv/dvds in my hotel room. i really try to avoid going out to eat/drink by myself, i'm just not social enough to do that. :(

i do have some pictures that i will add to the album tonight though.

by the time monday came around i was ready to go back to the states. i was even having "driving dreams".. i was fiending for some good old, petal to the metal transportation. walking everywhere was very tiring.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

london day 6 - saturday

well, i got couple of things on my list done.. i did the tour. and of course i sat on the top of the bus. it was insanely cold. i didn't have my hat of gloves, and i was just wearing a fleece.

i did however get a lot of shopping done. how i am going to get these items to fit in my suitcase? i have no idea.

i went to selfridges. this place is everything i hate about shopping all in one place.. millions of people, department store, i think there is womething like 6 floors. it was kind of neat to see all those deisgner stores in one place that you don't see anywhere really, you could have bought any kind of insanely expensive purse you wanted. i bought one somewhere else for 10 pounds. its kind of cute, but a little bigger then i like.

in the past couple of days i was thinking a lot about how nothing in this town is really disposable.. the best example is in the office. we had a full kitchen with coffee/tea mugs, real plates and spoons and eveything. and a dishwasher. there is sugar in a canister, milk in the refridgerator in milk bottles, people use spoons to stir their drinks. and everyone i've seen blow their noses uses a handkerchief. as i walked down oxford st yesterday and accidentily kicked a starbucks cup, it occured to me that the reason the streets are so clean is that their society on the whole is NOT disposable. there is FAR less trash to deal with becuase they just clean what they use, and reuse it.. its such a foriegn concept, but it makes this place so much more beautiful.

today i am going to walk over to buckingham palace and watch the changing of the guards. that happens every odd day at 1130am. (630 am your time) while i am over there i will scour the shops for this brilliant necklace that i saw on the hostess at ping pong.

last night i watched 7 episodes of LOST. i can see how addicting that show is. and i know why my dad likes it, it has the creepiest music ever!

alright, check out the pictures, i've uplaoded all my sightseeing pics from yesterday.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

london day 5 - friday

good morning.. i didn't get a chance to write last night, but i had a great last day at work. i was given the OK before i left the states to take the team out to lunch, so we went to ping pong. it was dim sum and amazing. they have jasmine tea that comes to you in a pint glass. the waitress delivers you an empty pint glass with a green ball in the bottom, then she pours hot water over it, and in a few minuted time it grows into a jasmine flower that rests in the bottom of your cup. it looks as though you are drinking aquarium water.

today i am going to walk down to hyde park and get on a double decker tour bus and see the sights. then i can get on and off all day and will get a few things on my list crossed off. in case you are curious, here is my list.

bus tour
dali universe
tate modern
london eye
buckingham palace
tower bridge
westminster abbey (maybe. a little gun shy about "abbeys" after being burned in ireland with the kylemore abbey...)

last night i saw walk the line at the vue in leister square. i paid 12.50 pounds. don't even try to figure out how many dollars that is. good thing it was a great movie. and that joaquin phoenix gave a much better performance then the gay cowboys. i also got popcorn and soda. when i ordered the popcorn, she asked me which flavor i wanted. apparently you can get "salt or sweet", kettle corn or regular corn. i got a mixture. :)

alright, i gotta get on with my day so i can take some good pictures. i have cleaned off my memory card, and charged up the good ole S1..

oh, the pictures have been updated too. i took pictures of my "work colleagues" at lunch.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

london day 4 - groundhogs day!

happy ground hogs day.

today was really just a work day like all others. after work BD and i went to "toucans" an irish bar in soho. they have stools that are Guinness pint looking.. white top, and a solid black bottom with Guinness written on them.

after that it was about 815... i was ready to go to the kings arms for another pint, but i saw that marks and spencer was still open on my way back to the hotel. i was originally intending to go to urban outfitters, but since i've never been in an M&S, i stopped in. M&S is like an upscale department store, but it has a twist. it is also a grocery store, a liquor store, a bookstore, anything and everything.. i am not a shopper by nature, and to be honest i thought, i'm not buying anything.. my suitcase is pretty packed to the max, but that is okay because i'm not buying anything...

well. i went in just looking for a purse maybe, or a wallet. all the purses are about 3 times the size i would even consider(suitcases) and they are all in that shiny leather metallic material. not for me!!! so then i started looking for the toilets. on my way i noticed that they carry my size in most of their clothes, that was an eye opener piquing my interests. the toilets were down in the basement which is also the grocery store. remember i told you how easy it is to eat veggie here.. on all menus i've seen so far, there is a little V next to vegetarian dishes, and there are usually quite a few on each menu. well M&S has a whole V sandwich section. and each sandwich was better then the first.. can you guess which one i picked?

it was the best sandwich ever!! i am starting to feel like i was born in the wrong country. :) i also have a feeling that saturday and sunday are going to be big shopping days.

i just saw an ad on tv that "walk the line" is going to be coming to theaters here tomorrow. just about 3 monthes later then us.

in case you are curious, tonights bizzarro episode is called "return to gender". its mainly about two men who have been confused about their genders. one underwent a sex surgery, and the other just took hormones. both have since decided that they don't want to be women. the one that actually had the surgery is the most unhappy. i wish i had a vcr.. these shows are unreal. OMG! there is a new story where this man went to india or something to have his sex change surgery. they f'd it up, obviously and this program just showed the bloody pictures of this womans non-vagina... it was basically just a hole. i think i am going to throw up.

i should have watched lost instead....

i added some pics to the end of the photo album...check previous posts for links.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

london day 3

i worked late tonight.. and on my lunch break i bought a watch because i have been walking around here with no sort of way to tell time. to my surprise when i got back to the office, i realized that the battery was dead. grrrrr... so i worked till 5 of 8, which gave me just enough time to watch a majority of the shops on oxford street close. lucky for me beets was still open and had watch batteries on clearance for 1 pound. now i can tell time!!!

i didn't really have any plans tonight and was just going to grab a sandwich and go back to my hotel and watch an episode or 2 of lost, but i vowed to eat dinner by myself at one the places i walk by on my way to work each morning. i ate at the ha!ha!bar and canteen. i had a frittata and bubbles and squeak and a pint of peroni.

after that i went to the crown and sceptre pub. there i tried 3 different kinds of beer. a half pint of staropramen from the czech republic. a half pint of spitfire, a Kentish ale. the bartender asked me if i was sure that i wanted that, and i asked him if it was bad. he said he didn't like it, and only old men drink it. it had to be pumped out of the tap.. it came out all frothy. it was almost room temperature, amber in color and very mild. then i tried the greene king IPA. i expected that one to be crappy like all the other IPAs i've had in my lifetime but i was pleasantly surprised that it was just as mild and warm as the spitfire. i think i will try to go back here, there was a belgium strawberry on their beerlist that i want to try, only sold in a half pint.

the menu in this place had an item that read like this: Thai marinated sirloin steak on a bed of red onions, noodles and mange tout. £ 8/90.

now first of all, how amazing does that sound? and secondly.. fauna, ask your sister if that last part means "and eat it all" like it reads, or is that some weird french thing that really means something else...

for the past two nights as i type this out i have the tv in the background running and last night was a bizarre hour + length interview/show about john wayne bobbit. lorena bobbit was also interviewed heavily in this show. they talked about how john was in porn, and while they blurred out his penis they totally showed the naked women.. now tonight after desperate housewives, they are showing a show called "big penises of the world". there have been a series of interviews with men who have penises that are like 13.5 inches long (the average is 5-7 inches, in case you were curious) and how hard it is for these men, and how they are treated like objects, and how one guy has decided to be gay because the anus can take his penis far deeper then a vagina can. and honestly every other word out of the voiceovers or the interviewees mouth is cock and dick. wtf!! so freaking bizarre. where is the regulation on speech here. if america is the land of free speech, how come we are so censored? oh, and there are visuals, tons and tons of big huge erect and flaccid penises... these brits are strange i tell you!

one thing i am noticing (i wonder if it will change this weekend) is that i have not seen any people walking dogs. nor have i seen any cats in any windows. nor any children..although every morning on my way to work though i do see a lot of dog poop... i think this might be the place for me...

i have added a couple more pics to the album..