Friday, February 27, 2009

cola beef...

i made cola beef this week, and its sooo good. its another crockpot specialty that a trained monkey could make...

i have a few meals worth of leftovers.. soo good. email me if you want the recipe. i like this better than the pulled pork.

that same night, batman came over and suprised me with a rug shampooer..

this is the result.. check out all the straight lines... my OCD loved that.

i was going to get a pedicure and eyebrow wax tonight, but the place i always go to closes at 7. what the french?! who closes at 7 on a friday. so i'll have to go tomorrow with cath.. we have a pedi appt at 5pm. 1 hour after i wake up. :)

speaking of waking up at 4pm, i just realized that my new housemate p-head is going to put a little furry cramp in that plan. maybe i could just put her out before i go to bed. she has fur... she'll be fine, right?

i finally bit the bullet and bought myself a new lappy. this is going to be the cutest lappy you've ever laid eyes on...

tomorrow i am going shopping with mike and cath for a new dishwasher.. mine doesn't shut off and apparently they don't make "waste kings" anymore, so i can't even get the part to fix it.. i'm excited to look for a new one.. maybe one with drawers. :) we'll see....

Monday, February 23, 2009

very tired

i'm too tired to write out a blog, but here are the pics from the weekend. i hope LK posts hers too, cause hers are much more comprehensive from the 1st night when i got so drunk...


quick update...

i missed amazing race last night due to my recent social happenings... i promise to watch and update tonight after i walk P-Head. say a prayer she doesn't pee on my rug again..

i have to download and upload my photos and do a writeup of the weekend. i've been getting lots of questions about it..

so. update coming about the following..

adam carolla
tv - or lack there of

Thursday, February 19, 2009

birthday dinner..

last night batman came over and made me dinner. he bought me a bottle of wine from the winery near his house and had gone shopping for, and pre-made all the food.. we had pitas with beef and lettuce, sour cream, sort of like gyros with beef strips. he also made salad and brought some peaches. it was so nice to have dinner made for me.

the best part was after dinner when he helped me clean the house top to bottom. :) such a good helper.

Monday, February 16, 2009

think this will work?

if you have a 7lb dog, can it pull a 20 foot 1/8 coated cable? i think so... i need more people in my camp.. i have 2 no's so far.

this weekend batman and i bought and installed a run for p-head, what a romantic 3rd date.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

weekend update...

i was just catching up on my internet stuff and saw that michael ian black was just in utica at hamilton college. i am ao mad that i missed it.. he wrote a very humorous blog post about utica. i suggest anyone familiar with the area read it. :)

friday night my pulled pork made with a bottle of sam adams white ale was delicious. i have enough left over too for at least 1-2 sandwiches.. DB liked it as well. the rest of the night was equally as satisfying. ;)

MK came to visit yesterday and we had dinner with her friend jessica. a high school friend of jessicas was also there, Rich, he was funny and attractive. :) she got us all a little box of chocolates, it was nice.

MK and i went to breakfast this morning and now i am watching SNL.. i thought it was a repeat but it's not, yay!! abby elliots angelina jolie is pretty great.. she looks just like her.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

so typical. :)

as i'm sure everyone is aware saturday is valentines day.. not my favorite holiday, i've only ever spent 2 v-days in my whole life with different boyfriends. so of course i agreed to visit and have dinner with MK and her friend in auburn on the 14th weeks ago..

well, the date i had last sunday went exceptionally well and saturday would be the perfect day to have another proper date.. :( so he and i are going to squeeze in a home cooked meal tomorrow night after work.

life works in funny ways..

SBH and i saw the reader last night. it was good; romantic and a little sad. i really wasn't expecting kate winslet to be totally naked for 3/4 of the movie though. i really like ralph fiennes, he's hot.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let the celebrations begin.

My birthday is in 9 days and this year the celebrating is starting early!! SBH took this week off and is coming to town tomorrow to take me to the movies.. we are also meeting for lunch so that she and cath can see my new house/furniture. Woo who!!

I’ve also purchased a couple of gifts for myself..

I’ve been buying storypeople prints for my friends for many years now.. and I’ve never bought one for myself.. so it’s high time that I get one of my own!

Every once and a while something from charles and marie tickles my fancy.. this is one of those times…

I think there are going to be a lot of people at my birthday party.. I have tentative confirmation that 8 people are driving out from MA.. how cool is that? lets just pray there are no snowstorms.. most of the MA contingency is coming in on Friday, so we are going to hit up the dinosaur for some barbecued goodness Friday night. And it just so happens that the Sunday after my party is the day the green beer truck pulls into colemans.. right now the plan is to stop by for a couple for the road on everyone’s way out of town. yay!

In other “guest" news… I have a confirmed guest for my spare bedroom for the days surrounding the family reunion in early august… my dearest 2008 mexico roommate AT is going to come and stay this summer. Yay!! I am getting so excited for this family reunion, I haven’t been in a long time and the family has changed so much in 4 years.. I hope that EH and KH can come..

Sunday, February 08, 2009

coraline.... and leaking roof.

today i am going to see coraline in 3D.. woo who! i hope it's good. how can it be bad, it's directed by the same guy that directed nitemare before xmas.. and who doesn't love movies in 3D?

i'm so happy that the warmness and sun is melting my treacherous driveway ice. i can see blacktop almost the whole length of the driveway.

i've pretty much got the basement where i want it.. i might change some of the artwork..

for those of you that didn't see SNL, this was great.

and so was the mark spitz skit...

there was also a song about being on a boat that andy samberg and t-pain did.. love that robot voice. ;)

hmmm. i think i know why the previous owners left a roof rake in the garage.. the pitch on the addition is such that the snow melts into ice at the lip of my roof.. and when the ice melts, apparently it leaks in through the wood ceiling.. i just went into the back room and there was a pool of water ontop of my bookshelf. i wiped it off and put a pan underneath in case it leaks more, but i'm afraid the top of that bookshelf will be forever ruined and bubbly. that poor shelf is destined for the trash can. i wonder if that is due to my turning the stove heater on in that room for many hours yesterday? urg...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

very funny..

i put on SNL last night while i uploaded my pics from the weekend.. omg.. steve martin is great, there were a lot of funny sketches.. my favorite being NY Governor David Paterson. anyone else realize that fred armisen is quickly becoming all the relevant news figures... obama, paterson, bernie madoff. i heart fred armisen.

we went to a cape bar called "the british beer company". it was a nicely laid out bar... but the bouncer wanted to see 2 forms of ID from each of us... wtf was that one of us almost didn't get in.. JBP had to sweet talk the guy. the pics from the night are quite humorous.. kate spiced things up with a little game called "most creative use of leis" and we all had a great time with that!! there was drinking, dancing, laughing, dancing out the window, hot-tubbing and even puking (not me, yay). all ingredients for a good time.

i heard back from the courts about my speeding ticket it was reduced to a $65 fine... i am not sure if the fine/violation carries a point value.. i suspect (and hope) no.. i've had trouble locating it online for sure.

*sigh* i wish weekends were longer. here are the photos.