Sunday, February 08, 2009

coraline.... and leaking roof.

today i am going to see coraline in 3D.. woo who! i hope it's good. how can it be bad, it's directed by the same guy that directed nitemare before xmas.. and who doesn't love movies in 3D?

i'm so happy that the warmness and sun is melting my treacherous driveway ice. i can see blacktop almost the whole length of the driveway.

i've pretty much got the basement where i want it.. i might change some of the artwork..

for those of you that didn't see SNL, this was great.

and so was the mark spitz skit...

there was also a song about being on a boat that andy samberg and t-pain did.. love that robot voice. ;)

hmmm. i think i know why the previous owners left a roof rake in the garage.. the pitch on the addition is such that the snow melts into ice at the lip of my roof.. and when the ice melts, apparently it leaks in through the wood ceiling.. i just went into the back room and there was a pool of water ontop of my bookshelf. i wiped it off and put a pan underneath in case it leaks more, but i'm afraid the top of that bookshelf will be forever ruined and bubbly. that poor shelf is destined for the trash can. i wonder if that is due to my turning the stove heater on in that room for many hours yesterday? urg...