Tuesday, February 03, 2009

very funny..

i put on SNL last night while i uploaded my pics from the weekend.. omg.. steve martin is great, there were a lot of funny sketches.. my favorite being NY Governor David Paterson. anyone else realize that fred armisen is quickly becoming all the relevant news figures... obama, paterson, bernie madoff. i heart fred armisen.

we went to a cape bar called "the british beer company". it was a nicely laid out bar... but the bouncer wanted to see 2 forms of ID from each of us... wtf was that one of us almost didn't get in.. JBP had to sweet talk the guy. the pics from the night are quite humorous.. kate spiced things up with a little game called "most creative use of leis" and we all had a great time with that!! there was drinking, dancing, laughing, dancing out the window, hot-tubbing and even puking (not me, yay). all ingredients for a good time.

i heard back from the courts about my speeding ticket it was reduced to a $65 fine... i am not sure if the fine/violation carries a point value.. i suspect (and hope) no.. i've had trouble locating it online for sure.

*sigh* i wish weekends were longer. here are the photos.