Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let the celebrations begin.

My birthday is in 9 days and this year the celebrating is starting early!! SBH took this week off and is coming to town tomorrow to take me to the movies.. we are also meeting for lunch so that she and cath can see my new house/furniture. Woo who!!

I’ve also purchased a couple of gifts for myself..

I’ve been buying storypeople prints for my friends for many years now.. and I’ve never bought one for myself.. so it’s high time that I get one of my own!

Every once and a while something from charles and marie tickles my fancy.. this is one of those times…

I think there are going to be a lot of people at my birthday party.. I have tentative confirmation that 8 people are driving out from MA.. how cool is that? lets just pray there are no snowstorms.. most of the MA contingency is coming in on Friday, so we are going to hit up the dinosaur for some barbecued goodness Friday night. And it just so happens that the Sunday after my party is the day the green beer truck pulls into colemans.. right now the plan is to stop by for a couple for the road on everyone’s way out of town. yay!

In other “guest" news… I have a confirmed guest for my spare bedroom for the days surrounding the family reunion in early august… my dearest 2008 mexico roommate AT is going to come and stay this summer. Yay!! I am getting so excited for this family reunion, I haven’t been in a long time and the family has changed so much in 4 years.. I hope that EH and KH can come..