Sunday, February 15, 2009

weekend update...

i was just catching up on my internet stuff and saw that michael ian black was just in utica at hamilton college. i am ao mad that i missed it.. he wrote a very humorous blog post about utica. i suggest anyone familiar with the area read it. :)

friday night my pulled pork made with a bottle of sam adams white ale was delicious. i have enough left over too for at least 1-2 sandwiches.. DB liked it as well. the rest of the night was equally as satisfying. ;)

MK came to visit yesterday and we had dinner with her friend jessica. a high school friend of jessicas was also there, Rich, he was funny and attractive. :) she got us all a little box of chocolates, it was nice.

MK and i went to breakfast this morning and now i am watching SNL.. i thought it was a repeat but it's not, yay!! abby elliots angelina jolie is pretty great.. she looks just like her.