Friday, April 28, 2006

it's a boy!!

janna had her baby! its a boy, calan. he looks so big. its amazing how something so freaking huge can come out of your body... i'm scared.

tonight i am going to have organic pizza in amesbury. hopefully it tastes better then it sounds. :) tomorrow i am going to the museum and then i'm going to take some pictures of the places i need to take pictures of. this is what i need. the view of boston with the BU bridge in the foreground over the charles. (seen coming in on the pike). a view of the jamaica pond with the boathouse in the foreground. the NA mural under the bridge on brooks street in brighton. i'd like to get the skyline of boston from rt2 east when you come down the hill.

then i think i might see flight 93 sat night. i have seen the previews and they give me goosebumps and made me cry, but i kind of feel like i have to see it. hek wants to go and hopefully fjk will want to go too. in and amongst all this i want to make some more mail art this weekend. :)

Thursday, April 27, 2006

the cutest thing...

i saw the cutest thing the other day. i was driving home and was stuck in traffic, sitting at a light. a dog in the car kitty corner from me was sticking his head out of the open back window. he dropped his tennis ball and it bounced off the car parked at the light in front of me and stopped in between the two cars. the dog (a smelly black lab) just stared down at it. his owner hadn't noticed. the guy in the car to the left of me saw this entire thing as well and he got out of the car and picked up the tennis ball and gave it back to the dog. it was so cute..

i switched my car insurance over today. i am saving myself almost $700 a year by moving home. when i get there, i think i might switch to my parents insurance provider and see if i can save even more.

i have an interview next thursday in the 'cuse. i could have had it wednesday, thursday, or friday.. but friday is cinco de mayo. shiiiiit.

i sold my magic cards today. i'm so glad. $30. woot! someone came to work and i gave them to him in the parking lot.. now if i cold just sell some of my crappy furniture. last night(11pm) someone almost bought LK's crappy media shelf, but after hours of back and forth about address and times, when they finally arrived they wanted to know where the keys were. apparently the only reason they were interested in the $10 shelf was because of its locking ability...and naturally, when LK cleaned it out, she threw away the keys. so they didn't buy it. grrrrrr....

tonight is margaritas in NH. shiiiit. i love their salsa verde!

i had a couple of glasses of wine last night and had heartburn. :( and i had pasta with sauce. not sure what did it, but i'm guessing the red wine.

i had to sleep on my futon.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

finally a free moment!

well, the worst kept secret is out. i told work i am leaving at the end of may. overall, i am sad. i really like my job and the company, and especially my coworkers. it's really just my time to move out of boston. :( i feel like i've made great use of my time here. i've met some great people, made some lifelong friendships, learned some very important lessons, seen and done so much of what the area has to offer, and now its time to close this chapter and start a new one. :) i have been composing in my head this post for months and month and months. i have a lot more to say on this topic, so i'll probably end up sounding like a broken record in the coming weeks, but that's okay, cause this is my blog and i control the content! :)

i've had some very endearing emails, conversations and even hugs from my team here at work about my leaving, i have to muster all my strength to keep myself composed. one guy even told me that if it was in his control at his new job he'd hire me. so sweet.

i sent out 3 pieces of mail art so some of you should be checking your mailboxes. if you could go to my art blog and comment that you received the art i will post a picture of it..

Saturday, April 22, 2006

mail art...

i made my first piece of mail art tonight. it's my first effort, and i am a little rusty, so i apologize janna.. :) i have to go to the art store tomorrow though and get some gel medium, i sent mine home last weekend, shiiiiit. it was fun. mindless creative fun. :) i am going to start a new blog for this mail art. i will post pictures of it and an explanation and everything.. but i will hold off on the pics until i heard its made it to its destination.. so, if you get one, let me know so i can "close the loop" and post about it. :)

my mind is running away with itself thinking up mail art themes, its kind of nice. i haven't felt the creative juices flowing through my body in a long time.

lk and i are selling some more of our stuff. i have someone who sounds interested in my purple dresser. i am surprised, the picture shows that its a little rough around the edges. and someone else wants lk's dishwasher.. wooo who. we're gonna be rich!

yesterday lk and i went to heks, (congrats hek) and i tiled some of her backsplash.. sooo fun!! i ran out of glue, cause hek believes only in buying home improvement products 1/4 at a time. :) and i want to note that my eyebrows did not burn off, the animal piss smell was gone!!

today i saw the benchwarmers with MA, it was not worth seeing in the theater. we tried to sneak into the american dreamz, but the 75 year old lady taking tickets caught us and guilted us into not sneaking in. i asked her if we could just go in and she said, "you can, but you shouldn't." personally i was ready to break the moral code and go in, but i wasn't sure which way MA's moral compass points.

speaking of MA, KT called me 2 times today. once at 744am, which i looked at and promptly ignored, and then she called again while i was going through some of my shoeboxes of important stuff and i was able to talk to her. my estimate is that her phone bill is going to be more then 150 pounds...

Thursday, April 20, 2006

drinks.. on thursday

jb, ap, lk and i went out for dinner/drinks tonight to cap off a particularly stressfull day for them. :) i went for the drinks. :)

so far 3 people have shown interest in some mail art. i will begin those projects this weekend. they will all be individual, so start getting excited!!

last night i went to dinner with KOK and PMB. it was so nice to catch up. i am going to miss those girls!! KOK is really good at keeping in touch though, so i don't feel like i will lose touch. when i think of it, there are very few people in my boston life right now that i think i will lose touch with. that's kind of nice to think about. i don't expect many to visit, but i am sure i will keep in electronic touch with most of them.

tomorrow i am going to HEKs with LK to watch the miss america pagent and tile her backsplash. i am pretty excited about the backsplash.. i hope that my eyelashes won't burn off from the cat pee smell though. hahaha. j/k HEK, at least there are candles.

something is messed up with my cellphone right now. i don't knwo if its my headset or what, but it kept hanging up on me when i was talking to mike on my way home today. like 5 times. shiiiiiit. i turned the power off, and tried to remove the battery, but failed. hopefully just shutting it off was good enough.

tomorrow at work there is a going away party. woo who. i love fridays!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ahhhhh, its almost friday..

wait, damn, its almost only thursday! damn!!!

tonight the "dinners" have begun.. i anticipate a bunch more in the next month.. the "it's been so long/i'll never see you again/one last time" dinners. :) *shrugging shoulders, rubbing hands together, licking lips!* i can't wait.

i was just reading a blog of an old college friend and i'm not sure if he does this regularly or not, but at one time at least he was doing some mail art. this sounds like an absolutely fantastic idea... i think i am going to try to make some of my own. i am officially soliciting recipients, let me know if you are interested in recieving some mail art. i guess you wouldn't need to mail art me back, but it would be nice! so leave me a comment if you want me to send you some.. if i don't know your address i'll contact you. i promise to send something to everyone that wants one.. but ya gotta comment that you want one.. :)

i've started watching the final season of six feet under. everyone looks great.. especially claire. i am glad all the characters are romantically linked to one another sort of. billy/claire, nate/brenda, david/keith (their relationship seems soo great this season, keith has really changed) brendas mom/the art teacher, and ruth/george.

the little purple pills (my stomach acid inhibitors) are really working for me. the only time since march 24th that i've had a problem was the other night when i went out for mexican.

last night i woke up wicked early, like 4am, and couldn't get back to sleep, i was going to write a post, but the damn page took so long to come up that i fell back asleep waiting for it. mike and cath's internet connection doesn't have a problem accessing blogger. :) but they do need a better wireless router, that's for sure!

i talked to breed tonight, she is having an engagement party june 2nd weekend. she was also telling me that her fiance lives right across the street from the sushi place they go to on the sopranos. :) if i end up going down there you know i'm going to have to take some pictures.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

great last game!

the game yesterday was a great last red sox game to go to, or so they tell me... :)

jb, jn and i spent most of the game at the rooftop bar. but the view wasn't that much different then the view from our seats, there was a huge pole blocking our view of the batter.. it only took us 2 innings to get served at the bar. and we were on barstools. :)

we had to cut across beacon st and run behind the runners to get to the bar..

then we saw the easter bunny.

when all was said and done i was in bed by are the rest of the pics...

Sunday, April 16, 2006

sox game tomorrow...

tomorrow i wake up early and meet JB to go to the red sox/seattle game at 11am. i am excited to go to what will most likely be my last red sox game. the price of our tix includes drinks before the game. i am rethinking my not drinking... i wouldn't want to waste my money... :)

easter was fun, and for the first time in a long time at my parents house i didn't consume so much that i couldn't sleep! bonus! we bowled on friday night and i am sore. how sad is that. :) before bowling we went to clarks for dinner and then to the blue tusk. armory square is so cute an area. :) i'm excited about it.

i hope they kill vito off of sopranos. the episodes are becoming more and more funny.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

does this happen to anyone else?

i have had a bunch of instances since i started blogging so regularly where i write something into an entry, and it vanishes out of my head. the latest instance was when i went to the dr, i got actually nervous and had to think real hard about what my stomach symptoms were. i had written it all down here, and it was like erased from my memory.. this has happened many times with movie reviews, i write about them, and then when someone asks me later how i felt about it, i can't remember.. nice..

i found my cars warranty, i have been thinking about taking it in to have it looked at before i hit 100,000 miles. but... i was reading the fine print and there is a $100 deductible. :( looks like i am going to have to wait on that.

my parking karma is running out.. the last 2 appointments i've had with keith have resulted in 2 tickets resulting in $50 worth of tickets.

i'm getting pretty excited for monday. i am going to the sox game with some good friends and as it turns out, a bunch of coworkers are going too. good times!! and then we'll watch the marathon. i've never been in person for the marathon. i wonder if the runners will smell real bad due to them sweating and peeing and pooping themselves. :( i will be sure to take note and report back.

as a side mornings have significantly improved since i found the adam corolla show. the greatest part is that its in CA, i can listen to it till 1pm. every couple of days he has his friend ozzie on. ozzie is from nicaragua, he can't pronounce adams name. he can't pronounce anyones name really. he's hands down my favorite. adam also has a guy on the show pretty often called deaf frat guy, maverick. this guys is funny too. probably mostly because of his deaf talking style.. i'm going to hell, but i find myself laughing out loud in my cube with my headphones on. my coworkers must think i am crazy!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

pretty productive day...

i've had a pretty productive couple of days. i was tempted to go to bed at 3pm yesterday, but i took cath's advice and started packing. i loaded up my car with crap to take home tomorrow, and today i packed up some more shit. also. i reposted a bunch of the stuff i tried to sell last week for free, and i was able to get rid of the gateway (even without a powersource) and i made the guy take the monitor, keyboard and mouse. hee hee hee. someone also came for the scanner, and i had a few people interested in the beaded door hang, but noone materialized. bastards. i'll repost that tomorrow.

a funny thing happened last night, i was watching donnie darko and i hear water splashing. so i go into the bathroom and there is a stream of water running down the wall and the window jam from the upstairs apartment. so i ring the doorbell. apparently the toilet upstairs overflowed, "not to worry" she says. its all cleaned up. and it did stop, but wtf?? there was piss and fecal water running down the wall???

i had a nice chat with JI yesterday. she is on bedrest until april 17th when the dr's induce her so she can pop out Calen Martin. soo exciting..

one HEK of a good time...

friday night LK and i met HEK at applebees before we were to see lucky number slevin. we chit chatted for a couple of hours before we went over to the theater for the 10 o clock movie. the movie was great i thought. very well done, and the wallpapers were kickin! LK nudges me about an hour and a half into the movie, i look over and HEK is slumped over asleep. had she stayed in that position a minute longer i would have taken her picture... 1130pm is too late for a teacher to stay awake, even with a nap.

after the movie we drop HEK off a her car over at applebees. i ask if she has to crawl thru her trunk to unlock the car doors. (this might seem like a strange question, but HEK prefers to unlock her car that way. the locks have been busted for more then a year) nope. she left her car unlocked.. well, as it turns out, she left her car window down too. she seems to have gotten lucky though that the rain we got while in the movie was light, and didn't seem to flood out her car... and noone wanted to steal her car...

never a dull moment with HEK...

Friday, April 07, 2006

the pictures!!

i know you've been dying to see them!!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

big HUGE thanks to JB and LK.

i really appreciate their friendship, unselfishness and concern for my health and well being. everyone should be lucky to have such caring people in their lives. :)

here is a little description of what can be done for a hiatal hernia.. i got it from the web somewhere...

What is the treatment for a hiatal hernia?

Lifestyle changes and dietary changes are very effective in the management of hiatal hernia. Avoiding caffeine, stopping smoking and avoiding alcohol use are all very important. Eating small meals, not wearing tight clothing are also effective. Going to bed with an empty stomach (not eating or drinking for at least 3 hours before bed time ) is also advocated.

Surgery for a hiatal hernia is very rarely recommended.

here are the pics that we took in the hospital... i was trying to do the shy face. this will be the last time i attempt that. LK and i also loaded up on the literature, cath would be proud.

i'll have to scan the esophagus pics tomorrow.

last night was LOST, and there is a funny story before i get to the good part. JB was going to come over at 9pm, and when she still wasn't there at 940 LK and i looked at each other and said "she's late".. i predicted that she would show up in the last crucial minutes of the show. Sure enough, 9:57, ding dong..

i love hurley, and have heard the theory before that the entire show is a made up world in some ones head. last night kind of solidified that theory. the very last scene with libby scared me really bad. as i was taking my nightly shower i thought, omg, i hope i don't have nightmares about that.. i also thought that there was only 2 more episodes, but i was wrong. there is a new episode next week, then not another new one till beginning of may, but then there are a bunch more in may. woo who!

what do you LOST viewers think that last episode means?

im alive

i went in this morning for the endoscopy. JB and LK were not allowed to wait where i was so the deck gave them a pager that would work anywhere in the hospital. i had to be naked except my underwear and socks. it was kind of funny, the questions they asked me while they put in the IV.. she wanted to know if i had fallen down lately, if there was any chance i was pregnant, and if i was "comfortable" in my home.

i was wheeled in about 20 minutes later to the operating room. they put something in my IV and i was asleep before i knew it. when i woke up the dr told me that they didn't find any inflamation in my esophagus, and my stomach looked alright. he said i have a heital hernia though. there is really no surgery or anything that can be done for it, it is just controlled with diet and habit. i have been prescribed prilosec for the next 3 months though.

i am kind of tired, and think i am going to take a nap now, but i have a picture of me in my hospital outfit and a picture of the literature LK and i picked up.

i also got a printout of 5 areas of my esophagus/stomacch! i will post them when i download and scan..

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

bleeding gums..

this morning i had a dentist appointment. i love the dentist office, especially this dentist office. i have been going for a year now, and ZERO cavities. the hygienist told me today that if i go to another dentist and they tell me that i have any cavities, or need to repair ay of my fillings, i need to find another dentist.. i have a clean bill of oral health. i wonder though how much real tooth surface i even have, i probably have a filling (or a cap) on 20 of my teeth. the hygienist kept apologizing and warning me that "it my be uncomfortable" while she was scraping my teeth with the wire hook. i told her that is my favorite part of the cleaning. i LOVE the gum pain, maybe i am sick!

tonight is a new episode of LOST, and before that is a new episode of Amazing Race. big TV night. jen is coming over right as LOST starts, i might need to lock myself in my room so as not to be interrupted during it. :)

so the things i need to do in preparation for the endoscopy are not that bad.
1. lay off the aspirin (tylenol is okay). CHECK
2. no eating or drinking after midnight. NOT A PROBLEM
3. no taking any medication the morning of. NO PROB. (hopefully aliens won't impregnate me while i am out thought since i will have gone without my BC pill)

then i just need to get there at 730 AM. LK and JB have volunteered to be my cheerleaders. woo who! it occurred to me yesterday that even though i am just having a throat jammed down my throat, that i will probably need to be naked. ewwwwww... i am not looking forward to that. i have been thinking about taking my camera with me and asking the drs to take pictures during the procedure. cath said not to, "its an OR, not a circus"... hmm. we'll see.

i'm kind of looking forward to a day off tomorrow. nice little break in the week. this friday at work is our annual kick off of the baseball season complete with hotdogs, crackerjacks, peanuts, beer and socializing... woo who.. its a great party! we'll see what kind of diet restrictions i will have though after tomorrow.

in case you do not regularly read tom greens blog. i highly suggest you check it out.. he is back from his home in "central america" where he narrowly escaped death by ocean. he is uploading video like crazy. its fascinating. he has a video of a snake eating a frog on there too. its pretty awesome. i am waiting for he clips of monkeys to show up.

Monday, April 03, 2006

r2d2 pics...

here are a few pics sent along by cath. i could have held my breath.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

selling stuff on craigslist..

i am doing a cleansing of my stuff and getting rid of the stuff i am not moving. i posted a bunch of stuff on craigslist. someone already bought my old NES system. wooo who. if people don't buy my things, i am going to have to give them away, anything to get them out of my way. :)

this weekend was gorgeous here in somerville, especially today. i went for a walk around the pond in woburn. it was really pretty. nice walk. BM said it was 3 miles or something, there is no way.. it only took me 45 minutes to walk around it, and this is the first time i've walked in probably over a year, no way i could walk 3+ miles in less then an hour... i watched a heron or a crane (not sure the difference) stab at and catch a fish in the water today. it was pretty amazing..

last night LK, HEK, myself and others went to portsmouth by way of concord. :) DD gives great directions. i had a great sandwich at the brewery. i got a bunch of phone calls during dinner because JR proposed to SB last night, someday she'll be SH. i'm happy for them, JR is a nice boy. it's still strange that my brothers in law are brothers themselves.

i should go and take pictures today of the places in boston that i want pictures.

tonight's sopranos should be gooooood... i'm going to bring canolli's.

cath's r2d2 vacuum machine finally kicked it. thank god, that thing was a pain in the ass if i ever saw one. first of all it had about 27 pieces that had to be assembled each time you wanted to use it, and you had to fill this dish with water before you turned it on, then about every 25 minutes you had to disassemble the thing, dump out the water and dirt and refill the water to continue using it. HUGE pain in the ass. also it wasn't on wheels. what kind of vacuum cleaner isn't on wheels these days? i don't know any. cath promised to send me a picture of the damned thing out on the curb, but i'm not holding my breath. she's pretty technically challenged.

here is my bed by the way.