Sunday, April 09, 2006

pretty productive day...

i've had a pretty productive couple of days. i was tempted to go to bed at 3pm yesterday, but i took cath's advice and started packing. i loaded up my car with crap to take home tomorrow, and today i packed up some more shit. also. i reposted a bunch of the stuff i tried to sell last week for free, and i was able to get rid of the gateway (even without a powersource) and i made the guy take the monitor, keyboard and mouse. hee hee hee. someone also came for the scanner, and i had a few people interested in the beaded door hang, but noone materialized. bastards. i'll repost that tomorrow.

a funny thing happened last night, i was watching donnie darko and i hear water splashing. so i go into the bathroom and there is a stream of water running down the wall and the window jam from the upstairs apartment. so i ring the doorbell. apparently the toilet upstairs overflowed, "not to worry" she says. its all cleaned up. and it did stop, but wtf?? there was piss and fecal water running down the wall???

i had a nice chat with JI yesterday. she is on bedrest until april 17th when the dr's induce her so she can pop out Calen Martin. soo exciting..