Thursday, April 27, 2006

the cutest thing...

i saw the cutest thing the other day. i was driving home and was stuck in traffic, sitting at a light. a dog in the car kitty corner from me was sticking his head out of the open back window. he dropped his tennis ball and it bounced off the car parked at the light in front of me and stopped in between the two cars. the dog (a smelly black lab) just stared down at it. his owner hadn't noticed. the guy in the car to the left of me saw this entire thing as well and he got out of the car and picked up the tennis ball and gave it back to the dog. it was so cute..

i switched my car insurance over today. i am saving myself almost $700 a year by moving home. when i get there, i think i might switch to my parents insurance provider and see if i can save even more.

i have an interview next thursday in the 'cuse. i could have had it wednesday, thursday, or friday.. but friday is cinco de mayo. shiiiiit.

i sold my magic cards today. i'm so glad. $30. woot! someone came to work and i gave them to him in the parking lot.. now if i cold just sell some of my crappy furniture. last night(11pm) someone almost bought LK's crappy media shelf, but after hours of back and forth about address and times, when they finally arrived they wanted to know where the keys were. apparently the only reason they were interested in the $10 shelf was because of its locking ability...and naturally, when LK cleaned it out, she threw away the keys. so they didn't buy it. grrrrrr....

tonight is margaritas in NH. shiiiit. i love their salsa verde!

i had a couple of glasses of wine last night and had heartburn. :( and i had pasta with sauce. not sure what did it, but i'm guessing the red wine.

i had to sleep on my futon.