Wednesday, April 12, 2006

does this happen to anyone else?

i have had a bunch of instances since i started blogging so regularly where i write something into an entry, and it vanishes out of my head. the latest instance was when i went to the dr, i got actually nervous and had to think real hard about what my stomach symptoms were. i had written it all down here, and it was like erased from my memory.. this has happened many times with movie reviews, i write about them, and then when someone asks me later how i felt about it, i can't remember.. nice..

i found my cars warranty, i have been thinking about taking it in to have it looked at before i hit 100,000 miles. but... i was reading the fine print and there is a $100 deductible. :( looks like i am going to have to wait on that.

my parking karma is running out.. the last 2 appointments i've had with keith have resulted in 2 tickets resulting in $50 worth of tickets.

i'm getting pretty excited for monday. i am going to the sox game with some good friends and as it turns out, a bunch of coworkers are going too. good times!! and then we'll watch the marathon. i've never been in person for the marathon. i wonder if the runners will smell real bad due to them sweating and peeing and pooping themselves. :( i will be sure to take note and report back.

as a side mornings have significantly improved since i found the adam corolla show. the greatest part is that its in CA, i can listen to it till 1pm. every couple of days he has his friend ozzie on. ozzie is from nicaragua, he can't pronounce adams name. he can't pronounce anyones name really. he's hands down my favorite. adam also has a guy on the show pretty often called deaf frat guy, maverick. this guys is funny too. probably mostly because of his deaf talking style.. i'm going to hell, but i find myself laughing out loud in my cube with my headphones on. my coworkers must think i am crazy!