Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ahhhhh, its almost friday..

wait, damn, its almost only thursday! damn!!!

tonight the "dinners" have begun.. i anticipate a bunch more in the next month.. the "it's been so long/i'll never see you again/one last time" dinners. :) *shrugging shoulders, rubbing hands together, licking lips!* i can't wait.

i was just reading a blog of an old college friend and i'm not sure if he does this regularly or not, but at one time at least he was doing some mail art. this sounds like an absolutely fantastic idea... i think i am going to try to make some of my own. i am officially soliciting recipients, let me know if you are interested in recieving some mail art. i guess you wouldn't need to mail art me back, but it would be nice! so leave me a comment if you want me to send you some.. if i don't know your address i'll contact you. i promise to send something to everyone that wants one.. but ya gotta comment that you want one.. :)

i've started watching the final season of six feet under. everyone looks great.. especially claire. i am glad all the characters are romantically linked to one another sort of. billy/claire, nate/brenda, david/keith (their relationship seems soo great this season, keith has really changed) brendas mom/the art teacher, and ruth/george.

the little purple pills (my stomach acid inhibitors) are really working for me. the only time since march 24th that i've had a problem was the other night when i went out for mexican.

last night i woke up wicked early, like 4am, and couldn't get back to sleep, i was going to write a post, but the damn page took so long to come up that i fell back asleep waiting for it. mike and cath's internet connection doesn't have a problem accessing blogger. :) but they do need a better wireless router, that's for sure!

i talked to breed tonight, she is having an engagement party june 2nd weekend. she was also telling me that her fiance lives right across the street from the sushi place they go to on the sopranos. :) if i end up going down there you know i'm going to have to take some pictures.