Tuesday, April 25, 2006

finally a free moment!

well, the worst kept secret is out. i told work i am leaving at the end of may. overall, i am sad. i really like my job and the company, and especially my coworkers. it's really just my time to move out of boston. :( i feel like i've made great use of my time here. i've met some great people, made some lifelong friendships, learned some very important lessons, seen and done so much of what the area has to offer, and now its time to close this chapter and start a new one. :) i have been composing in my head this post for months and month and months. i have a lot more to say on this topic, so i'll probably end up sounding like a broken record in the coming weeks, but that's okay, cause this is my blog and i control the content! :)

i've had some very endearing emails, conversations and even hugs from my team here at work about my leaving, i have to muster all my strength to keep myself composed. one guy even told me that if it was in his control at his new job he'd hire me. so sweet.

i sent out 3 pieces of mail art so some of you should be checking your mailboxes. if you could go to my art blog and comment that you received the art i will post a picture of it..