Thursday, April 20, 2006

drinks.. on thursday

jb, ap, lk and i went out for dinner/drinks tonight to cap off a particularly stressfull day for them. :) i went for the drinks. :)

so far 3 people have shown interest in some mail art. i will begin those projects this weekend. they will all be individual, so start getting excited!!

last night i went to dinner with KOK and PMB. it was so nice to catch up. i am going to miss those girls!! KOK is really good at keeping in touch though, so i don't feel like i will lose touch. when i think of it, there are very few people in my boston life right now that i think i will lose touch with. that's kind of nice to think about. i don't expect many to visit, but i am sure i will keep in electronic touch with most of them.

tomorrow i am going to HEKs with LK to watch the miss america pagent and tile her backsplash. i am pretty excited about the backsplash.. i hope that my eyelashes won't burn off from the cat pee smell though. hahaha. j/k HEK, at least there are candles.

something is messed up with my cellphone right now. i don't knwo if its my headset or what, but it kept hanging up on me when i was talking to mike on my way home today. like 5 times. shiiiiiit. i turned the power off, and tried to remove the battery, but failed. hopefully just shutting it off was good enough.

tomorrow at work there is a going away party. woo who. i love fridays!