Friday, April 28, 2006

it's a boy!!

janna had her baby! its a boy, calan. he looks so big. its amazing how something so freaking huge can come out of your body... i'm scared.

tonight i am going to have organic pizza in amesbury. hopefully it tastes better then it sounds. :) tomorrow i am going to the museum and then i'm going to take some pictures of the places i need to take pictures of. this is what i need. the view of boston with the BU bridge in the foreground over the charles. (seen coming in on the pike). a view of the jamaica pond with the boathouse in the foreground. the NA mural under the bridge on brooks street in brighton. i'd like to get the skyline of boston from rt2 east when you come down the hill.

then i think i might see flight 93 sat night. i have seen the previews and they give me goosebumps and made me cry, but i kind of feel like i have to see it. hek wants to go and hopefully fjk will want to go too. in and amongst all this i want to make some more mail art this weekend. :)