Sunday, April 02, 2006

selling stuff on craigslist..

i am doing a cleansing of my stuff and getting rid of the stuff i am not moving. i posted a bunch of stuff on craigslist. someone already bought my old NES system. wooo who. if people don't buy my things, i am going to have to give them away, anything to get them out of my way. :)

this weekend was gorgeous here in somerville, especially today. i went for a walk around the pond in woburn. it was really pretty. nice walk. BM said it was 3 miles or something, there is no way.. it only took me 45 minutes to walk around it, and this is the first time i've walked in probably over a year, no way i could walk 3+ miles in less then an hour... i watched a heron or a crane (not sure the difference) stab at and catch a fish in the water today. it was pretty amazing..

last night LK, HEK, myself and others went to portsmouth by way of concord. :) DD gives great directions. i had a great sandwich at the brewery. i got a bunch of phone calls during dinner because JR proposed to SB last night, someday she'll be SH. i'm happy for them, JR is a nice boy. it's still strange that my brothers in law are brothers themselves.

i should go and take pictures today of the places in boston that i want pictures.

tonight's sopranos should be gooooood... i'm going to bring canolli's.

cath's r2d2 vacuum machine finally kicked it. thank god, that thing was a pain in the ass if i ever saw one. first of all it had about 27 pieces that had to be assembled each time you wanted to use it, and you had to fill this dish with water before you turned it on, then about every 25 minutes you had to disassemble the thing, dump out the water and dirt and refill the water to continue using it. HUGE pain in the ass. also it wasn't on wheels. what kind of vacuum cleaner isn't on wheels these days? i don't know any. cath promised to send me a picture of the damned thing out on the curb, but i'm not holding my breath. she's pretty technically challenged.

here is my bed by the way.