Thursday, April 06, 2006

im alive

i went in this morning for the endoscopy. JB and LK were not allowed to wait where i was so the deck gave them a pager that would work anywhere in the hospital. i had to be naked except my underwear and socks. it was kind of funny, the questions they asked me while they put in the IV.. she wanted to know if i had fallen down lately, if there was any chance i was pregnant, and if i was "comfortable" in my home.

i was wheeled in about 20 minutes later to the operating room. they put something in my IV and i was asleep before i knew it. when i woke up the dr told me that they didn't find any inflamation in my esophagus, and my stomach looked alright. he said i have a heital hernia though. there is really no surgery or anything that can be done for it, it is just controlled with diet and habit. i have been prescribed prilosec for the next 3 months though.

i am kind of tired, and think i am going to take a nap now, but i have a picture of me in my hospital outfit and a picture of the literature LK and i picked up.

i also got a printout of 5 areas of my esophagus/stomacch! i will post them when i download and scan..