Wednesday, April 05, 2006

bleeding gums..

this morning i had a dentist appointment. i love the dentist office, especially this dentist office. i have been going for a year now, and ZERO cavities. the hygienist told me today that if i go to another dentist and they tell me that i have any cavities, or need to repair ay of my fillings, i need to find another dentist.. i have a clean bill of oral health. i wonder though how much real tooth surface i even have, i probably have a filling (or a cap) on 20 of my teeth. the hygienist kept apologizing and warning me that "it my be uncomfortable" while she was scraping my teeth with the wire hook. i told her that is my favorite part of the cleaning. i LOVE the gum pain, maybe i am sick!

tonight is a new episode of LOST, and before that is a new episode of Amazing Race. big TV night. jen is coming over right as LOST starts, i might need to lock myself in my room so as not to be interrupted during it. :)

so the things i need to do in preparation for the endoscopy are not that bad.
1. lay off the aspirin (tylenol is okay). CHECK
2. no eating or drinking after midnight. NOT A PROBLEM
3. no taking any medication the morning of. NO PROB. (hopefully aliens won't impregnate me while i am out thought since i will have gone without my BC pill)

then i just need to get there at 730 AM. LK and JB have volunteered to be my cheerleaders. woo who! it occurred to me yesterday that even though i am just having a throat jammed down my throat, that i will probably need to be naked. ewwwwww... i am not looking forward to that. i have been thinking about taking my camera with me and asking the drs to take pictures during the procedure. cath said not to, "its an OR, not a circus"... hmm. we'll see.

i'm kind of looking forward to a day off tomorrow. nice little break in the week. this friday at work is our annual kick off of the baseball season complete with hotdogs, crackerjacks, peanuts, beer and socializing... woo who.. its a great party! we'll see what kind of diet restrictions i will have though after tomorrow.

in case you do not regularly read tom greens blog. i highly suggest you check it out.. he is back from his home in "central america" where he narrowly escaped death by ocean. he is uploading video like crazy. its fascinating. he has a video of a snake eating a frog on there too. its pretty awesome. i am waiting for he clips of monkeys to show up.