Saturday, April 22, 2006

mail art...

i made my first piece of mail art tonight. it's my first effort, and i am a little rusty, so i apologize janna.. :) i have to go to the art store tomorrow though and get some gel medium, i sent mine home last weekend, shiiiiit. it was fun. mindless creative fun. :) i am going to start a new blog for this mail art. i will post pictures of it and an explanation and everything.. but i will hold off on the pics until i heard its made it to its destination.. so, if you get one, let me know so i can "close the loop" and post about it. :)

my mind is running away with itself thinking up mail art themes, its kind of nice. i haven't felt the creative juices flowing through my body in a long time.

lk and i are selling some more of our stuff. i have someone who sounds interested in my purple dresser. i am surprised, the picture shows that its a little rough around the edges. and someone else wants lk's dishwasher.. wooo who. we're gonna be rich!

yesterday lk and i went to heks, (congrats hek) and i tiled some of her backsplash.. sooo fun!! i ran out of glue, cause hek believes only in buying home improvement products 1/4 at a time. :) and i want to note that my eyebrows did not burn off, the animal piss smell was gone!!

today i saw the benchwarmers with MA, it was not worth seeing in the theater. we tried to sneak into the american dreamz, but the 75 year old lady taking tickets caught us and guilted us into not sneaking in. i asked her if we could just go in and she said, "you can, but you shouldn't." personally i was ready to break the moral code and go in, but i wasn't sure which way MA's moral compass points.

speaking of MA, KT called me 2 times today. once at 744am, which i looked at and promptly ignored, and then she called again while i was going through some of my shoeboxes of important stuff and i was able to talk to her. my estimate is that her phone bill is going to be more then 150 pounds...