Thursday, March 30, 2006

getting a haircut..

i'm getting a haircut tonight. i am kind of excited. although i wonder if the little old lady that is doing it will do a good job straightening it, i kind of think not, so i think i will go to the other place. it'll cost more, but at least i will be satisfied with the straightening... i should call her back and tell her that i won't be coming though, she hemmed and hawed about being open at 630. :( i wouldn't want her to stay open and me not show up.

LK suggested i do another dry month like i did two years and a month ago (wow its been that long) shiiiiit. so i think in april i will be on the wagon, and i will wear my hair in braids. that was a fun part of that whole thing.

LOST was sooo good last night. that henry gayle is an other. he was shady... i was hoping with all the locke flashbacks they would show how he became crippled. i am thinking those 2 men beat him paralyzed... also. i was reading on some sites that in the training video there was mention of 6 hatches on the island... so, we have seen 3. i bet the others live in one.. the next two weeks of LOST are new, then 2 weeks of repeats, then the season finale the first wed in may. woo who.

i had a horrible nightmare last night. i wonder if its my body rebelling against only sleeping in 2 hour intervals... but anyway, i dreamt that KT either killed BD, or just buried his body after he killed himself, and then she went ahead with her move to the UK and moved into his house and everything. she called me though when she was disposing of the body and i started to get paranoid that i would be interrogated and accused when the police finally realize he's missing/dead and it would be on record that she had called me.. etc. very unsettling... maybe i should lay off the true crime for a while. or maybe i should tip my bed back up level so i do more sleeping ad less dreaming...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

next thursday is the day!

so. i heard from the hospital..i have my endoscopy next thursday at 730am. LK and JB have volunteered to take me.. it'll be a regular little field trip.. :) i'm glad i don't have to take a cab there and back. :) i will be sure to ask about take-aways. i wonder if it would be too much to bring my camera with me in there and ask the dr's to take periodic pictures...

tonight i am going to brancas with some work colleagues one last time before KT leaves. brancas is in the slums of the 'ville, but the food is damned good and cheap.

yes, i am going to have to tape LOST.. :(

i am also signing up to be on my parents Y membership. i look like someone who was born in 1982 right?

sleeping at a 45 degree angle is proving to be kind of difficult. i swear i only sleep for an hour or 2 at a time. i need to change my sheets to be less silky, more rough. i need some friction so i don't end up sliding down off the bed each night.. i am charging my camera as we speak, so maybe tonight i will take a picture of this ridiculousness.

Monday, March 27, 2006

so i had the appointment....

so i went to see the dr today. he took blood to test for anemia and infection and is scheduling an endoscopy for me at the faulkner..

in the meantime he told me to get some prilosec otc, take one a day, and do the following things...

1. elevate the head of my bed by 6 inches. more pillows will not do it, i have to sleep with my bed looking somewhat like a torture table. <-- i already sleep on my couch in a somewhat upright position at least once a week.

2. avoid foods if they cause symptoms. sample foods are spicy and fatty foods, tomato and citrus juices (grapefruit and orange) chocolate, mints, coffee, tea, colas, and alcoholic beverages. <-- most of these things i already avoid..

3. do not lie down for 2 hours after eating. allow gravity to work, avoid bending over to pick things up. bend at the knees. <-- this is probably the one thing i am most guilty of doing...

4. stop smoking. <-- phew. never started!

5. limit coffee. <-- limit coffee to 2-3 cups per day. <-- good thing i don't drink coffee either.

6. avoid tight clothing. tight belts, pants or girdle can increase the pressure on the abdomen. <-- hmm. almost unavoidable. :) i wonder if i can send receipts for a new wardrobe into my insurance company.

7. antacids.. antacids can be taken at bedtime and 30-60 minutes after each meal. <-- uhm, i gave up on antacids years ago!!

8. eat smaller meals. don't overfill your stomach. <-- hmm. easier said then done.. i think i am broken, or like one of those dogs that just eats till the food is gone.

9. maintain your ideal weight. excess weight increases the amount of pressure constantly placed on your stomach. even small amounts of weight loss may help. <-- the cure all! i can't help but think that if i was at my *ideal weight* (which the last time that was true was probably the day i was born) that i wouldn't be vomiting up blood on a regular basis.

so i am waiting for the "no more drinking" shoe to drop. i would imagine that its coming when/after the endoscopy. the hospital should be calling me to schedule one soon.

i am going to ask if i can have a copy of the video they are going to take. my cube mate says his g-f had an endoscopy and they gave her some pictures. it'll be just like i am pregnant and i can show off my alien baby! whatever i can score from this procedure i will surely post. they are going to have to sedate me and i am not allowed to drive afterwards, so i will need a volunteer to take me and drop me off at home when they are done.. too bad i am eternally single. i believe something like this is a boyfriend duty... :(

sopranos=soooo good.

sopranos was pretty great episode.. thank god tony came out of his coma! i really can't stand that vito, i hope he dies soon. one thing i laid awake thinking about last night was why no one went to see silvio in the hospital? very odd. also, the woman who plays his wife on the show is really his wife in real life. i had no idea. she's really pretty, for an old woman..

brian made fettuchini alfredo with broccoli and chicken... it was very good, he's a good cook..

pep has gotten me hooked on this show called intervention. its about drug addicts and people that need an intervention. last nights episode was about a heroin addict. soooo good. addicting! i highly recommend it.

i have a dr appointment today at 245. its not with my regular doctor because she is not in today, its with a man. :(. we'll see what happens.

i am in 1st place so far (preseason numbers) in the fantasy baseball league. hahahaha. i really had no idea what i was/am doing. LOL

Sunday, March 26, 2006

so.. i think i have stomach ulcers...

or maybe some other affliction that makes my insides bleed and me vomit up blood.

in just about the last 10 times i've drunk alcohol i've thrown up in the middle of the night. its not even due to my level of intoxication. its because an hour or so after i lay down i start to feel like my stomach has turned into an aquarium, and there are millions of air bubble that start to make their way out of my body. this causes me to burp, and then gag/cough leading to really coughing, which turns into eventual puking. its so not pleasant. and lately its usually 3-4 pints worth of dark purple liquid mixed with the contents of what had been in my stomach. friday night though, after 3-4 outpourings of dark purple matter, there was a really red one... i used to think that it wasn't really blood and that it was red wine or something else that i had eaten that was red. but i have not drank red wine in months..

the thing that is throwing me off if the ulcer path though is i am not experiencing any pain in my stomach. i am under the impression that ulcers are painful. so maybe its my esophagus that is afflicted... :( i'm calling the dr on monday. might as well take advantage of my health insurance.

last night was the surprise going away party for katie. it was truly a surprise. i am so glad it worked out. we took her out to dinner and ended up waiting for 1+ hours at the cheesecake factory to just turn around and leave so we would make it to the surprise in time. then there was the biggest turnout of work colleagues ever. great times... KT got up on stage at the burren and sang with the band to sweet caroline.. it was very humorous!

today i was strong armed into joining a fantasy baseball league. it was the kind where you have a live auction draft. it was fun. there are 10 of us in the league, it took us 7 hours. but it was fun, and its a really great group of people. i had no strategy what so ever. i hope that it pays off. :) lol.

i just heard that UCONN was knocked out, so i am totally screwed in the pool i'm in.

tonight is sopranos. i am crossing my fingers that it gets better.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

the dress, the dress.

here is the picture i was promising.. god i look fat.. woo who. HUGE body, little tiny legs.. jens wedding party pictures are going to be sooo good!!

survivor is not on tonight, neither is CSI. :( last night was southpark though, they killed off chef after making fun of scientologists yet again. very funny.

tomorrow is KTs last work day, her department is throwing her a party at the end of the day. :) i love work parties! i'm sad that KT is leaving, but i figure that i might be able to save money (ie pay off some of my credit card debt) soon, so maybe i will have a little extra cash to use to traipse around europe with.

here is a video taken the night of n&k's party.. this is a test..

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

teen girl squad and balls deep are triumphant!

most of the original members showed up last night. we were too many people so we had to split into two teams. :) anyway, we took 2nd and 3rd places. the final question of the night was which animal accounts for at least 150 deaths in humans per year for the last 10 years?

anyone? anyone? i'll give you a hint. its not beavers. that was my guess..

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

questions are arising about LOST...

last night i had a spirited discussion with mike brown about whether or not the woman that was on the "other" boat that kidnapped walt was Rousseau, the crazy french woman.. i say no. mike says yes. what say you angela and rich?

if anyone else has an opinion, let it be known.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

another st pattys day has come and gone..

good times, good times. the bar we originally intended on going to was too packed to go to, so we ended up across the street at the on the hill tavern. we were able to get in with no cover, and no waiting. the real exciting part of the night was the $5 pitchers. i am guessing that it was the "bad beer" that led to my killer hangover saturday morning..

we took pictures like papparazzi, i love digital cameras...

at the end of the night KT couldn't find her jacket. we think someone must have picked it up by accident. of course her house keys were in the jacket, so we had a big sleepover at 19 Henderson st and what sleepover is complete without popcorn at 230 in the morning? why we didn't just make the microwave popcorn in the first place i don't know, but as you can imagine, the popcorn maker caught on fire. then the dental floss that connects the back door to the liquor shelf struck again as KT shut the door (shelf attached) and the shelf came crashing to the floor again.

when i finally was able to stop the vomiting and lose the headache, it was 230pm. time to scrape some paint off the tin tiles in angela and rich's house. very exciting and fun. their house is coming along fantastically.. a couple of the rooms have been drywalled and plastered. the wiring is set up in all the rooms, and they have made the floor in the kitchen level. i even was able to use the nail gun. pretty exciting stuff. i still can't wait to have my own house someday and play trading spaces for myself.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

:( no go...

don't buy your plane tickets.. no need to vacation in london on your breaks from school or life..

the dress fits...

phew! the next time LK and i are home and awake at the same time i will have her take a pic of me in the dress. its not pretty... :)

tonight is margaritas.. i can't wait, especially since i've been listening to adam corollas radio show lately, and since its broadcast from southern california, pretty much all the commercials are for mexican food. even though they keep talking about fish tacos.. i am still mouth watering for mexican food.

speaking of seafood, i think it was because of survivor. i had this strange dream last night that i went to megan browns house, and it was turned into a restaurant, and i was the only one there. i ordered mussel/spinach raviolis and ate them and didn't throw up. uncle paul was at my house in fayetteville when i got back. oh, and the restaurant didn't give me any water, or anything to drink.

what does it all mean? :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

great game!

here is a great game to play. its addicting!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

yeah.... blogging all day!

did anyone else see this? i am not surprised. we all knew DLR was going to suck. i used to listen to O&A when they were syndicated on BCN. i would totally listen to them again..

That rumors are rampant that CBS is in talks with ex-WAAF jocks Opie & Anthony to replace syndicated morning man David Lee Roth. Op & A, who were fired by CBS back in 2002 for inciting a couple to have sex in St. Patrick’s Cathedral, now yak on XM Satellite Radio. The story is that a censored version of that show would be syndicated. Word is Roth, who replaced the irreplaceable Howard Stern, wants out.

kitchen table..

here is a pic similar to the kitchen table that N&K have. its fantastic!! they have nicer chairs though. i am finding out that its called "counter height".

love!! i'm going to have one of these someday.

caught up!!

hmm. this looks like crap too. :) i'll have to work on it at home tonight.

well. i am completely caught up on LOST. a couple of things that bother me about the last episode though is what was the costume glue for? do the others dress up like pirates and people stranded on an island, but they really are sophisticated scientists? i don't understand..

another thing, is the guy in the hatch an other? i kind of think he is. and why is locke falling for his mind game?

charlie and claire never used the heroin. phew!! i kind of thought they were both going to.

Monday, March 13, 2006

hard to read

i've decided that my blog is physically hard to read. the white on black is difficult on the eyes. i'm gonna do something about that..


good times.

good weekend... i wasn't able to catch up on any sleep, but it was worth it.

friday night was hanging out with work colleagues in cambridge, some drinking, some story telling, some mooning.

saturday i had lunch with MK. MK is funny as hell. she tells me about this guy she has gone out on a date with. first thing she tells me about him is that he is bald. then she tells me he drives a small white boxy car. then she asks me if i want to meet him. uhm, no, thank you. so i leave, go the wrong way (again) and i get a call from her saying that i forgot something at her house, which is good, cause i have to go back that way anyway. so i pull up and she is on the phone with the guy, and he is lost in her complex. so i have to meet him now.. i'm standing in the living room, and a little blue toyota m2 spider pulls up. i ask her if that is him, she says, NO! that's not his car, and that guy has HAIR! well, sure enough he comes to the door. he's your average looking 35 year old. MK totally exagerates. he was not totally bald. in fact, i didn't really even notice that. he drove a 2-seater sports car. he seemed polite during the 3.6 seconds i met him. :) she told me he was an engineer. plus!!

saturday night was fun as well. i saw N&K's house. it was nice, i loved the openess of the kitchen/living room area. em, ryan and i watched syracuse win the big east tournament. very exciting! N&K also have the newer version of catch phrase, the beeping noise is much more toned down in this version. i might have to buy it. i haven't looked at my camera yet, but i have a feeling that there are millions of pictures on it from our game of asshole.
oh, N&K must have asked me 5 times where LK was, why didn't she come, she should have brought her b-f, i wish she had come, etc. big fans of LK out there.

last night a few of us gathered in woburn to see the season premiere of sopranos. holy crap it was good. what if tony dies in the first episode.. wtf would happen..

i had a strange dream last night that i was living with janna somewhere, and she was going to work, and i was working from home, and since i was going to be home all day, i was going to watch her baby for her. she was showing me how to mix up formula, and i wanted to know the schedule about when to put the baby down for a nap, and if it was crying, what it could be besides hunger, dirty diapers, and tiredness. janna didn't think there was anything else the baby could be crying about, and the baby wasn't really on a sleeping schedule.. and i thought to myself, this baby is going on a schedule, i've got work to do... but i also wasn't too worried about watching it because my mom was going to be there too, and she could watch it if i needed her too.

i have 4 episodes of LOST to watch before i am caught up with this season. i keep waiting for charlie to start taking the heroin again, he's got to start taking it again soon.. i'm also curious as hell as why Mr. Echo was on the plane. why he was in australia when he was from nigeria and his past is kind of disturbing. i am so happy to finally see what the "monster" is that rips up the trees in the forest. it was pretty phat..

this thursday is drink night again at margaritas. woo who! starting the weeekend early!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

happiest girl alive!!

today at work a guy showed me how to buy LOST from itunes. mistakingly, i bought the first season, then i realized what i had done, so i had to then buy all the episodes of the 2nd season as well. so.. in essence, 15 episodes has cost me about $65. but i don't care. it's worth it.

i almost want to stay up all night watching these episodes..

i also finished watching ballykissangel season 4. very anti-climactic season finale.

D never bothered to explain or give any poor excuses for blowing me off. coward.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

showers and hygiene products.

what about the amazing race makes 90 year old people think they can scale rock walls/waterfalls, put together motorcycles, etc. god i think old people are dumb. i don't understand why they don't try to do the easy things like make ethyl alcohol out of sugar cane!

i've decided that my favorite part of everyday is my nightly shower. its the only way i can warm my body up enough to be able to fall asleep. its also hella relaxing. i've recently been using shower gel, of which i used to HATE, but now i kind of like. i am not sure if its the gel, or the scrubby that is making my skin so soft. i kind of think its the scrubby. does any body know for sure?

another revelation i've discovered because of this arctic apartment is that my hair mousse reacts much better in my hair when its too cold to foam out of container. so i've taken to keeping it in my refrigerator, and its works so awesomely..

Monday, March 06, 2006

totally blown off!

ugh, i am completely insulted.. D totally blew me off tonight. WTF. how rude. if he gives me any lame excuses i'll post them.. grrrr

i made a quick page of my artwork.. i'll keep adding to it as i make more/find more photos...

i've decided to go to albany this weekend to nicoles housewarming party. i can't wait, her house blog is linked to this page, it was so exciting to watch it be built..

Sunday, March 05, 2006

yummmmmm pulled pork.

i finally got around to making the pulled pork from the pork loin i've had in my fridge for a week now. its most delicious! everytime it amazes me how easy it is to make.

when i got home from work friday the rust bucket had moved. they must have gotten a ticket. however they only moved a couple of spots. still in front of the house. :(

i'm watching ballykissangel today while i tie up my weekly loose ends. love that show. colin farrel just entered the show.

i also changed the lightbulbs in the living room, they had gone out, it's a whole new world here.

i am almost done here, then i'm going to do some painting while i watch the awards.

Friday, March 03, 2006


it's been a looooong tiring week. i have decided to go to harpoonfest cause it's not going to be a "couplefest" like i originally thought. it actually sounds like its going to be quite the "girls night". a few hip chicks from work here are going... and of course the obligatory "kick off" at the pour house! good times!!

last night i went to the raspberry ufo tasting at the harpoon brewery. it was pretty good... it's a beer that has raspberry overtones, but not so much that you could only drink just one.. its a lot like #9 in that way. you can drink it all night. unfortunately i doubt they will have it at the fest tomorrow. but they will have their hibernian!!

after the tasting we went to the publick house. it was insanely crowded. i had their mac and cheese, it was a phantom gourmet's "great 8". i was not that impressed. the asparagus was good though.

i am so looking forward to going home tonight to watch survivor and csi, and hopefully get to bed early. i am hoping LK will let me use her scanner at some point this weekend too. i need to gather some samples of my artwork. shiiiiiit!

sunday is the oscars. i am so excited. one of my coworkers asked me why i was so excited. i had to think for a minute.. i guess i am excited to see the stars, who they come with, who they sit with, what they say in their speeches, if they cry, and then of course who wins. usually i have seen a huge majority of the movies being given accolades, so its like "the year in review" of movies, and i love it!

i have set up a date on monday with someone i'll call D. he was one of the not so psychos that i talked to around valentines day. i'm not holding my breath about him, but it might end up being a free movie.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

3 times now!

my federal taxes are like a boomerang.. they keep coming back to me. the first time, they didn't have enough postage, this time, i forgot to sign them. i'm sending in those goddamn papers for the 3rd time now!! hopefully the next time they come back to me will be because of a bank error in my favor...

harpoonfest is this weekend, i'm on the fence and thinking that i'm not going to go. its going to be a "couples fest", one of my enemies is going, and its about 6 degrees outside. plus, do i really need to drink so much beer i throw up?

i am going however to the unveiling of harpoons new rasberry hefeweisen tomorrow night. free new beer=good. :)

no news to report on the neighbors truck that i called the cops on.. i'm crossing my fingers that tonight is the night!

tonight is LOST, siiiiigh. i still have not succeeded in getting the 2nd season. i wish the season would hurry up and be done with already! maybe they will replay the season over like they did last year...