Tuesday, May 31, 2005

getting my ducks in a row

i am finally feeling somewhat settled in. i had a bunch of time yesterday, and i am not really doing anything tonight, yeah!

for the longest time i couldn't send mail from home. and i wrote to my isp and they said rcn blocks port 25 and they gave me a new smtp server to use and voila! it works now.. so i caught up on some emails tonight.

i also emailed daewoo to see where i can take my tv and get a new one, or get the picture fixed.

wooo who.

we had a taco night this weekend. it was so simple and easy. this place is much more friendly for things like that. we have enough fixings for 3 more taco nights.

this weekend i am volunteering to help out with the harpoon 5 miler. jen and i are going to be working the registration table. then we get free admission to the harpoonfest. woot.

tomorrow night i am going to see born into brothels with jon. i am meeting him there. i might even make him take the bus back home. :) hahahaha.

i sent out a bunch of pics of the new place and my weekend in portville, let me know if you haven't received them, and want to and i'll send them to you.

i also watched all 3 of my netflix movies this past weekend. i had had hell boy since march. :) he heee

i was just watching the britney spears show. so sucky.