Wednesday, May 09, 2007

i looked through my entire blog today from start to finish and a couple of things jumped out at me.

1. i had some insanely long hair at my 1st e-d xmas party. and i love it straight.

2. i used to LOVE going to trivia. seriously, i had forgotten how much i missed it. consider this a solicitation for any of my CNY readers. i want to start up another team here. there are places all over and all different nights that do trivia. since noone is going to be interested (which i'm anticipating), i'm going to put a post on CL and see what kind of crazies i get to respond.

i stopped and took pics of the baby geese yesterday. the mother geese did not like that at all, and i thought that one was actually going to chase me at one point.

tonight at the tannery i took some pics of the booth. its not scary. it looks sorta like a stainless steel refrigerator from the outside, then you stand inside like a time capsule, and pull the door shut, but you could easily push them open at any time. and there are fans and music inside...

this is the floor...

this is the ceiling, and those are the arm holder on-er things. so your armpits can get burned too.