Thursday, May 10, 2007

who said tanning is relaxing?

cath and i went to our 3rd tanning session and i went with the same amount of time i did before, 7 min. good god i think my skin is trying to boil off my body..

i don't think there is one relaxing thing about tanning.. so far, i've actually been sore from standing in the booth, my private parts are burnt and itching like mad, last night i thought my sheets were made out of sand paper, i've been hot to the point of sweating, and then so chilled i needed a blanket all within 10 minutes, and the gorgeous all over red bumpy rash that is spreading all over my body.

the only thing that keeps me going is that eventually the rash will go away and i *might* be tan.. if after all this is over at the end of the month and i look like i have a flesh eating bacteria still i will be so mad.. because by then i will surely have skin cancer to boot!

i'm taking SFs advice and not going again tonight. maybe friday.