Tuesday, June 05, 2007

a breakfast tale.

this morning i went about preparing my lunch/breakfast every morning like i usually do. i poured out 1/2 a cup of milk into a ziplock plastic container, poured 1/3 of a bag of peanut butter puffins into my ziplock bag and went on my merry way. well. i got to work and was disassembling my lunch box so i could put the perishable items in the company fridge and i looked down and though my milk container looked a little dirty. i passed it off as condensation. upon further investigation i realized it was that the container had collected all the dishwasher leftovers and they had dried inside the container on the edges and were removed by the skim milk. so i had a nice little bowl of dishwasher soup! so gross, where is the quality control on dishwashed items? i promptly went to the vending machine to buy some more milk, but all they had was chocolate milk. dishwasher 1, rebecca 0.