Sunday, June 10, 2007

so my predictions were way off..

i got doses and doses of culture yesterday! instead of my typical greek festival attendance, i went to all 3 festivals instead.

but first cath and i went early to the farmers market and bought some fresh food and a few plants. we got some scapes which we learned are the tops of garlic bulbs. we have yet to decide how to use them. i also bought some really cute "burning xmas tree" plants. when cath plants them i will take a picture.

after the farmers market mike and i went to the polish festival downtown. it was alright. not that many people were there at 1pm.. but the one that were had on lots of red and white. because it was so cold earlier at the farmers market, i over dressed in jeans adn a long sleeved turtleneck sweater. holy moly that was the wrong thing to wear, i was sweltering!

next up we swung home and picked up cath for the greek festival. so delicious their food was. we must have gone at a better time this year cause we were able to park right up next to the tents and it didn't seem as crowded. we bought $20 worth of pasteries. yummmm..

after that we headed to the balloonfest which i have never been to. it was actually a pretty good time. there were live bands, carnival food, rides, the whole 9. we waited and waited and waited for the balloons to launch, but it looked like it might be too windy for them, so cath made us leave. sure enough on our way out we turned around and saw a balloon rising through the trees from where we just were. luckily we had only made it to the upper field and were able to watch a bunch of the novelty shaped balloons take off from up above.

it was so exciting!! of course i took a lot of pics. they can be accessed here.

i also saw knocked up this weekend. omg. i really considered going to see it again sat night. it was so laugh out loud funny that there were a bunch of scenes that i missed half of because i was laughing so hard at the last one. this is the kind of movie that you buy and learn all the quotes from...