Saturday, June 23, 2007

saturday stream of thought

today has proven to be an expensive day for not having any plans..

cath woke me up early to go to the market and we got some locally grown strawberries, some red leaf lettuce, fresh tomatoes, scallions, and some of the first garlic. i'm going to make a tofu/baby corn/thai noodle mixture of sorts tonight. yummmm.. and i might make some black beans with this cilantro base i picked up at the p&c the other day..

after the market i took my bridesmaid dress for BDs wedding to the tailor. they are so nice there, but they make you pay for it!! $100.. yeah!! i love to buy a dress, and then buy it all over again just to get it to fit!

while cath planted and rearranged her garden for the 20th time this summer, i went on a little shopping spree to macys. i got a coupl eof cute tops and some capri pants. i've never worn capri pants, so now that they are probably going out of style, i figured i should get some. :)

i also got a cute pair of brown shoes to wear with my brown/light colored skirts.

i've been trying to talk my roommates into going to see "a mighty heart" tonight, but i don't think they are biting.

i think i might go clean my room and do some laundry.

oh, also.. CNY peeps.. i'm going to be having a dinner party to be followed by game night the week my parents are going to be away [i wasn't invited]. i'll whip up a little invite. i think it's going to be thursday july 12th write it into your calendars.

i was just thinking about how i didn't write too many things about HEKs wedding. so here are a few of the memorable moments...
- i liked that HEK invited all the "father/daughter" combinations at the wedding share her dance. if i ever get married, i want to do this too.
- having HEK announce to me, EH and her wedding party [then later to my whole table at the wedding] that when her and DD were trying to figure out how much alcohol to buy from the barn she counted me twice, cause i drink enough for two!
- when EH and i were thinking about getting some of the chocolate fountain we both thought we were kind of full. then i got the once over and EH remarked that *we* didn't need the extra calories.
- having the "dance like LK" moment was fun, as was having the DJ to ourselves.
- asking for "country road" and getting "i'm a country boy".
- ordering EH a watermelon beer at Beerworks only to have her come back from the bathroom and look at it with such disgust that the bartender ran over and took it back and got the princess something different..
- walking all over salem at 130 am to get some funyuns from the gas station, and having to wait in a line with some hoodlums where the attendant transacted through a sliding drawer.
- abandoning the gas station and walking all over the hotel looking for the vending machine. 130am is a really great time to get in your exercise for the day, especially when you've just drank 2 peoples share of alcohol.