Wednesday, July 11, 2007

vh1 has my number...

i swear that vh1 has been looking into my soul and pulling show ideas out of my subconcious.. i can't stop watching vh1, it's like crack to me. i can't think of a show that's been on lately that i am not completely willing to watch rerun after rerun after marathon and on and on..

for example.. charm school just ended, there is a new show coming up called scott baio, 45 and still single. who didn't love charles in charge growing up? it looks like jason hervey is going to be in the show too. who doesn't know who kevin arnolds annoying older brother was? it also looks like scott is revisiting some of his ex girlfriends... ugh, that's money!! i can't wait for that to start this sunday.

there is another show i saw as well called i hate my 30s. i don't personally hate my thirties (yet), but i am glad that there is a show about someone my age-ish. that will be something i will check out.

and right now in the interim on vh1 is the 2007 world series of pop culture. [i just typed that whole last line without looking at the keyboard. i know how to type... look mom, i can type!]

i must admit, there is one upcoming show that i am prob not going to watch. Rock of Love. i was never really into hair bands...