Tuesday, July 24, 2007

pre-wedding stress...

i made a hair appt with foreign speaking theresa this afternoon. i hope she can do hair better than she can speak english.. the good thing is her shop is less than a mile form the hotel i am staying at for BDs wedding.. now i just need to find a hairstyle.. i think that my hair is really too long for hairstyling.. all the styles i see online are for much shorter hair.. :(

i bought a dress at target yesterday to wear to the rehearsal dinner. :) it's kinda cute.. i also bought this "reusable" sticker bra thing for cleavage.. i'm not sure how well it will work. it looks like clear tape with a bra clasp in it... i should try it out with the dress that i got back from the tailor and still haven't tried on..

i found out i need to be back in jersey by 430pm on saturday to make it to the rehearsal. so i've got to make myself out a do-able plan for NYC site-seeing in that short amt of time..

i'm kind of looking forward to being on call for two weekends in a row following this wedding.. i'll get some time to relax!