Tuesday, July 10, 2007

i feel like laura ingalls lately...

it's 11pm, and i am finally getting a second to sit down and take a breath. i've been working like a farmhand. :) watering all the damn plants Cath has is hard work.

i'm happy to report though that the cake i am making is turning out so well. i went to the xmas tree shop after work today to get a trifle bowl for it, but i don't know what i was thinking... the trifle bowl is too narrow for the cake pans. and even if it wasn't, how would i get in there to either frost, or cut and serve the cake. it's a chocolate peanut butter cake that will have crushed peanut butter cups on top, do you think it needs ice cream too?

i prepped most of the veggies for my salad and guacamole though. when i assemble everything, it's going to be just like on tv. how exciting!!

tomorrow night is trivia. i am wondering if it might be just me and KW. my roommates are out of town, and the other KW is in saratoga. i'll have to ask around for some subs. :)

oh, it seems i've turned into weather.com for the campers. they call every day for updates... an interesting story that i forgot to share...

they called on monday night to say that a mother bear and 5 cubs were in their site and destroyed their cooler while they were at the beach. and then it went to a couple of cabins over and climbed up the cabin, tore the screen off the window, went in and trashed the cabin for about an hour while the campers were out.. mike got some pictures, and RH took some video. when the rangers showed up the bears were leaving.. apparently they skipped over EH and RHs site because the poms were in the cabin barking away! looks like the poms are good bear repellant.. as a side note.. the young kids (under 21) that were staying in that cabin seemed to be having a bad luck streak, because the rangers came by their site later that night and gave them tickets for drinking under age.. double whammy, bears break into your cabin and eat all your food, and you are busted for underage drinking! that's a bad day if i've ever heard of one.

tonight when EH called for the daily weather checkshe said that the rangers had killed the mother bear. apparently this was the 3 or 4th time she had broken into a cabin. i bet the Hunt boys were jealous!