Tuesday, July 10, 2007

pre-baking and things that bug me

with the household caretakers out of the county, i've had a lot of chores to do that i don't normally do. it's almost exhausting! yesterday after work i had a purse party to attend, cereal to buy, (i'll bet my roommates thought i had forgotten about the box of cereal i had in the lazy susan and they took it on their camping trip, grrrr), cake frosting elements to assemble, trash to gather and put out to the curb, cat litter to change.. all kinds of things!

most importantly i got some of my pre-baking done for the dinner party i am hosting on thursday. i determined the menu this weekend and bought all the ingredients i needed, yesterday i whipped up the cake frosting. i hope it is okay to do it so far in advance. it doesn't have any eggs or anything, so i bet its fine. tonight i will hopefully bake the cake (2 layers) and assemble/frost it tomorrow. too bad i don't have a trifle bowl.. i also need to think about assembling the enchiladas for quick cooking when i get home from work on thursday. i have a feeling i am going to need to wake up really early on thursday to get last minute things ready cause wed night is trivia. :)

i'm kind of hoping to play cranium after dinner. i haven't played that since TG was dating JH and living in watertown back in boston, and it really is a lot of fun..

okay, this has been bugging me for about a month now.. IE is my browser of choice and i really resisted upgrading to the new version of IE that was just released, but for some reason or another i really had to.. the web apps that i use all day long have windows that pop up (not ads) that i need to pop up.. i've been noticing that if i have more than a couple of tabs open in one browser session, and they've been open for a long period of time (in my case they are open a full 9 hours each day) the pop up windows stop popping up.. if i want to get it working again i need to open a new browser session and start from scratch in that window.. it's highly annoying.. i should look for a patch.. i've also noticed that with some windows upgrade, my ftp settings in dreamweaver must have been a security risk, because now no matter if i choose "remember my login info" or not i need to retype my username and password for all the sites i use, also highly annoying and something i have not been able to find a patch for... sometimes i hate microsoft!