Tuesday, July 03, 2007

so much news..

today i got the call from the drs office with my celiac disease bloodwork results. some of it "came back high" and some of it "came back normal", so because it's not a conclusive result, i am being referred to a gastro enterologist. on the fleury's anniversary i will be consulted there.. woo who.. cath asked me if i was surprised, and frankly, no, i'm not. i have a very physical reaction to consuming things made with flour. so i am not surprised in the least that my blood proves it. now if there are different levels of severity, i would also not be surprised. so i think that the natural next step would be seeing what my insurance would cover as far as a nutritionist goes. particularly one that specializes in gluten/wheat allergies. i'll keep you posted as to my further findings.

i've laid the ground work for starting my next painting!! woo who! i hope to crank out a painting or a few while my roommates are away.

i've got a 4th of july party to attend tomorrow, and i am so excited. i was really thinking i might be spending my 4th watching cable TV again like i did last year.

this weekend i have plans to see AF and her two lovely chitlins. we are going to feed the ducks in manlius and get some ice cream on saturday.. should be a great time if the weather is good. i always remember that feeding the ducks was a lot of fun as a kid.