Sunday, July 15, 2007

i should have flown.

this trip will end up having cost me more to drive than it would have been to fly. even last minute probably. a cop got me going 74 in a 55 (work zone) in whitney point. :( i will need a lawyer for sure on this one.

i did have fun when i got there though. the last time i was visiting AL was pregnant, now CJ is a year old. here are the pictures from this weekend.

we went to an interesting bar in bethesda that had a bunch of different rooms, one of which was outside complete with sand and an outdoor bar..

i was very careful about not eating any wheat at dinner time and in turn had no problems sleeping even though i had some beers. i was so proud!

there is talk of a girls weekend in NJ this fall perhaps.. i think that would be sooo fun!