Tuesday, August 21, 2007

morbid monday. late again.

this was a great week for morbid monday links...

Those crazy serbs...no clothes though? that is what i don't understand..

I have to think this woman had it coming... why else would her name be "poorbear"?

i think this might be in store for cath if she doesn't kick her bingo habit..

what an ingenious use of GPS device.. this story appeals to the stalker in me, and has some juicy murder thrown in for good measure...

this story has it all. a criminal amount of children, a major non-denominational holiday, and an inexcusably short sentence..

this has to be my favorite link of the week.

this is a heartwarming tale about a pitbull, maybe it was some outraged michael vick fans showing their support. at least it has a happy ending..

until next week - Rebecca Autopsy signing off.