Friday, August 03, 2007

procedure over.

i had my biopsy today. (or autopsy as EH referred to it as). it was no big deal. mike came with me, and was my chauffeur for the day. i was called into one of the rooms about 15 minutes after i arrived and filled out a bunch of paperwork and met the anesthesiologist. then i was told to put on the robe, and wait. so while i am waiting in the little room i hear a man screaming for martha in the next room i'm supposed to be going into. he shouts for her 2-3 more times, then he picks up the intercom and screams for her again. i started to get nervous that that is how the doctor acts..

the anesthesiologist peeked his head and said that they were almost ready for me, and "did i hear yelling?" i said yes.... and he said, "oh, don't worry, it's just us talking, not the patients".

when i finally get in there the anesthesiologist takes my left arm and immediately starts to put in my iv in. and there is a nurse that immediately starts taking my blood pressure. then the anesthesiologist (whom i am probably older than) and the nurse grill me in disbelief that i am 31. well. all the yelling and the impending procedure must have influenced my blood pressure, it was 169/100, she took it again, it went higher. it took until they shut off the lights and he put his hand on my forehead that my blood pressure fell to 117/69.

i had mild sedation, and he gave me the photos of what they saw.

this one isn't marked at all like the last one was. but it's cool none the less.

i'll hear about the results in a week or so.. i am not even sure i know what i want to hear. if i hear that i do have celiac, then i technically shouldn't eat gluten the rest of my life. if i don't have celiac, that's a little more comforting, but what is wrong with me?

i just watched "the devil wears prada". it was kind of good.