Friday, August 24, 2007

it's friday! yay!

i love fridays. i think it's mostly because it means i can sleep in tomorrow. even though sometimes i find myself waking earlier on weekends than i usually do. i have however, started turning off my alarm for weekends. i used to have it on and listen to it till it turned off on saturday and sunday because i felt it punctuated the fact that i didn't have to get up. but now i think it just interrupts my sleep.

i kind of wish it was raining today, but instead its hot hot hot here and at least 100% humidity. ugh. horrible weather. i took a walk last night and cath asked me when i got back if i had been running. hahaha.. i can't remember the last time i ran. it was that humid out though, i looked like i had been swimming.

did anyone else LOOOOOVE the post today by the gluten free girl? i love onions.. they are my favorite food to chop in the kitchen. now i know how. i believe diego taught me something similar to that once. when i think about it, i learned a lot about cooking from those guys.