Monday, August 13, 2007

i'm going to mexico!!

so i took the plunge and made my reservations for my cousins destination wedding in cancun next february..

i'm kind of really excited about it... i plan on having a good time with my aunts and uncles and seeing my cousins that i haven't seen in YEARS. i wish my cousins kristina and eric were going though. my goal is to get theresa drunk. :)

in other happenings, camping is only 4 days away!! not really sure i'm going to be able to leave work early on friday, which sucks cause i could carpool if i could get out a reasonable time. but that might not be possible, and i might need to drive by myself at night. good thing i'll have moaning myrtle to tell me how to go.

my on call schedule has been posted for the remainder of this month and next month, put in your visit requests now. :)