Sunday, August 12, 2007

so much to update..

friday was a fun evening with T&S and the fischers. we chit chatted and then got to business (business being guitar hero II). great times were had by all.

saturday my defensive driving class was cancelled due to poor attendance, so i slept in. then cath and i ran some errands and i matted the drawing for todays birthday party. i can't wait to have a dedicated space for my art work/supplies when i have my own place. i think i'll have a whole room for it.

i received my celiac test results on friday. i don't have celiac.. so at least eating wheat (while uncomfortable at times) isn't doing permanent damage to my intestines. that is good to know.

we've entered the home stretch as far as countdown to camping goes. i am very excited. preliminary weather reports put the weekend with a high of 70, but we all know that you can't trust weather predictions. i'll be bringing my sleeping bag though for sure.. i think though that its late enough in the season that the water should be warm regardless.

today is our neighbors 80th b-day party. you would never know this woman was 80. she still drives, and maintains her yard, i think she even mows still. it's amazing.. i've been asked to take pictures of her and her lady friends...

speaking of taking pictures, i'm going to go back through my blogs and tag the ones that contain links to photo albums.. i don't really use the tag feature of my that much.