Thursday, August 02, 2007

having movie withdrawals...

the last movie i saw in the theater was transformers and i am going through withdrawals.. would anyone in my area be up for seeing either "the bourne ultimatum" or "the simpsons"? there are dozens more movies that i have not seen as well, so if those two movies don't do it for you, i'd be willing to see anything else. a highly air conditioned place is a perfect getaway too to the oppressive heat that is going on here in the CNY anyway.

in other news... i'm being talked into going to mexico for my cousins wedding in February. i'm considering it a birthday present to me. :) and i should be back just in time for the birth of my niece in portville...

while i'm looking into going to mexico i am getting death glares and mean comments from mike and cath about moving out of the house. apparently only SB is allowed to stay as long as she wants. i should have figured, she is the golden child.

so i started looking into what kind of mortgage i could qualify for.. with my debt to income ratio, preliminary web calculators say i could afford a 22K house if i put 1K down. hmm... looks like the inner city with the crack whores is where i might need to start calling home.

maybe eD would hire me back at a better salary and perhaps i could afford a place in the hood of dorchester..

but anyway.. if anyone reading this wants to go to a movie with me friday or saturday let me know..