Thursday, August 23, 2007

i feel like i should update, but i am not sure i have much to say. :)

i think KT is coming to visit me labor day weekend. hopefully she can get a ticket to come see the american idols with us at the fair. speaking of the fair, it's here. things are buzzing at work. it's kind of exciting. i am going to go work there tuesday morning. i will be sure to take photos and notes so i can report back. :)

i have been planning in my head for a while now blogging about my ride to work, and the 4-5 points that my OCD self can't help but notice each and every day. now i just need to leave for the office a little early so i can pull over on the side of the road multiple times to take pics.

cath says we might be acquiring a little pom in a few weeks for an unspecified amount of time.