Wednesday, August 08, 2007

wow, it's been a while.

since my last post i've seen Hairspray, submitted an application to be a tv/movie reviewer, finished the drawing. lost at trivia. gave a presentation for some impt people at my company, and in turn met someone else i work with, micromanaged camping (i can't help it... i have nightmares if i don't think out all the details) talked to a few people on the phone, watched my shows... that might be it...

i am going to see a preview of superbad tomorrow night. should be very funny. the KWs are joining me.

this saturday i have to attend "defensive driving", or "driver retraining" as it's called in MA. i heard i have to take a test at the end of it all. i hope i pass, more importantly i hope i have the details about where it is and when i need to go. i'm hoping i put it into my outlook calendar. :)