Thursday, September 28, 2006

i don't have plans for tomorrow night! yeah!!

i am finding myself with a full bank account and noone to spend money with tomorrow night. :( i've reached out to a few local friends and no luck so far. one is busy, another is blowing me off and the third probably has to work. there are so many movies on my list in theaters right now i just might have to go it alone.

i've been emailing with a couple of people from though, so maybe something will present itself in the nick of time.

i've been asking around about halloween and local parties, it's a little upsetting the lack of enthusiasm for the holiday that i am running into... someone that sits next to me even went so far as to say that "halloween is a kids holiday". what what what? i beg to differ.. i think there are plenty of good *adult* times to be had at halloween. :( i might have to make the trek to boston to partake in the fun to be had.... some of my most memorable nights are in an amongst halloween. ;)

today is Mrs JennyB-P's birthday... happy birthday hussy! i *think* she is thirty... dirty thirty!! wish her well if you see her!