Wednesday, September 27, 2006


cath and i were in such a good groove of going to the gym on MWF's, i knew going to bed last night we wouldn't be making it this morning cause cath went to bingo last night.

going to bingo isn't what you would imagine, its no small room with a spinning basket of numbers and 90 year old women daubing bingo cards at the local elks lodge. its a gigantic room thick with smoke and vicious gambling addicts spreading their boards all over their tables, setting up their good luck idols, spending hundreds of dollars a pop on each session, and chain smoking. the smoke and imminent lung cancer is unavoidable. the bingo culture is a curious bunch. some of cath's "bingo friends" travel from rochester (2+ hours away) daily to get their bingo fix. it's very hard for me to believe that these people win any money after you figure in the 100+ fees they are paying per session (2 sessions daily) the cigarettes, the gas and the food. sometimes these rochester people pick up their ex-prostitute friend along the way. its pretty sad going to bingo actually, and did i mention tough on the lungs?

so anyway... cath set off for bingo straight from work and i knew that our gym date was not happening. sure enough i woke up at 1am-ish when she was getting home.. when 530 rolled around cath didn't stir. i woke up again at 630 to her sneaking downstairs. tsk tsk.. too tired from gambling to go to the gym, where are the priorities?