Thursday, September 14, 2006

upsetting trip to the doctor.

in an effort to be proactive and take advantage of my new health insurance i made an appointment to secure a new primary care physician here in da 'cuse. the receptionist asked me if wed the 14th was good. sure i said. when i went to put it in the calendar i realized that the 14th was a Thursday.. i meant to call back and confirm my appt, but never got around to it. so i show up at the office, i can't find my dr's name on the list. the hotdog cart lady asks me if i need help and points me down the hall towards to "womens place". the womens place is an oasis looking office. it has all kinds of comfortable looking sitting equipment, painting of serene water destinations on the walls...

so when i tell the receptionist that i am there to see my dr she says, oh, she's not here today... she looks up my appt and sure enough its for october not september. but... she can fit me in to see another doctor though.. so i make sure its for right now, it is.. so i sit down and fill out a clip board full of paperwork and wait. and wait, and wait. so after an hour of waiting and not being seen i decide to make a different appointment for another day. so mad!! i wasted an hour in their waiting room. grrrrrr.

right before i left work i got a call i didn't recognize and i felt compelled to answer it. lucky me it was my glasses!! i think i am going to wear them tomorrow. :)